Data Security, Encryption, and Cloud Computing- What Does Richard Blech Say?


In the recent past, businesses and organizations protected their data and information with passwords and other encryption methods however hackers were smart enough to find their way through. They accessed business information and resorted to unscrupulous means. Cyber security expert in the USA, Richard Blech says this led to the advent of data storage on the Cloud. He is the CEO of Secure Channels and his team of experts help businesses understands the need and the tools for cyber security. They help prevent data theft, breach and misuse. The experts under him have years of invaluable experience in the domain of data protection and this is why they are widely resorted to when it comes to the protection of critical resources in a company.

Why is the Cloud preferred for data protection?

When it comes to data protection and security, organizations are looking towards the Cloud. The Cloud has the pros of interconnecting servers and diverse platforms for delivering computing services on the Internet effectively. In fact, businesses find data storage on the Cloud more flexible. The user has the benefits of string the data on remote servers and accessing it as and when required. Both small and large businesses are turning towards the Cloud for the protection of their personal data and information.

Data encryption and protection

The team here at Secure Channels ensures that their clients never fall prey to breach, misuse and data theft. There are potential threats both inside and outside of the company. This is why the Secure Channels Technology helps businesses and companies to protect sensitive data via a process that is called Superencipherment. This process is the procedure of encrypting a message that already has been encrypted several times. Each of these encryptions uses a different algorithm. This process is also known by other names – they are cascade encryption, multiple encryptions and outer-level encryption. This process enjoys patents as it is a technologically advanced one that you can use for your business.

Protect your company from hackers…

Many companies have suffered from the woes of hackers primarily because their information and data has not been encrypted properly. They are ill-prepared to counter security attacks and this makes them fall prey to unscrupulous sources that wreak havoc in the business. The customer or the client also loses trust in the business when there is a data compromise.

Richard Blech says that it is the need of the hour for companies to understand the importance of data security, cloud computing and data encryption in order to ensure that there are no data thefts, misuse of breach. Data loss and recovery can cost a company dear and the ordeal becomes hard especially if you are a small business owner. It is crucial for you to hire the qualified, licensed and professional services of cyber security companies for your business needs. With the right company and experts, you no longer have to face the threats of hackers and people who have malicious intent against your company or organization he says.

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