Depression your dog goes through while moving to another place


Having a pet is a great responsibility and you have to take care of your pet’s health just like you take care of your owns. Dogs and other pets suffer from almost the same health problems that humans do and that including the mental health conditions. Importance of the mental health is not that much common in even the human beings so expecting for the awareness of pet’s mental health is not so common either.

Detecting depression in the dogs is as difficult as it is in the human beings, so you won’t know for a long time that your dog is actually going through the depression. The symptoms of the depression in dogs are the same as in the human beings you just have to keep an eye on these symptoms so you can detect depression early in them.

Reasons for depression in dogs

There are a lot of the reasons due to which dogs may get depressed and following are few of them.

  • Stressful environment
  • Less attention from the owner
  • Moving to a new place
  • Death of owner
  • Trauma

All above are the reasons that usually trigger depressive moods in the dogs and you can detect this by the symptoms?

Usually, when the owners move from one place to another, in that case, the dogs experience the change in the environment and also with all that moving stuff the owner is not able to take care of the dog properly and to give attention to them and that can trigger depression in most of the dogs. Change in an environment which they are not familiar with the dogs, in that case, seek the attention of their owners only and being busy the owners don’t give their pets much time and they feel alone all of the sudden and may get depressed. So you should know how to deal with your dog depressed after moving.

How to detect and treat depression in your dogs while you are moving to a new place

Detecting the depression in the dogs is very easy because symptoms are the same as in the human beings. Following are some of the symptoms of the depression that you can detect and how can you deal with them

  • Eating habits changes in the dogs when they are depressed and that change in eating habits is very noticeable. Not wanting to eat their food can be the reason of the depression or some other condition and in all such cases, you must have to consult the vet so you can find out the real reason behind the change in the eating habits. Change in eating habits may also be the excessive eating and you can keep an eye on that by keeping checks on the weight of your dog.
  • Changes in the sleeping pattern is another very prominent sign of the depression. The sleeping pattern changes in your dogs and if it goes on for long you most definitely take your dog to a vet.

SO these were the two majors signs of the depression in your dogs and by figuring out the others you should try to give attention to your dog and play with them and this will be even better than any medication.

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