How To Choose The Best Dog Food


There is no type of dog food that is perfect for all dogs for good reasons. In order to decide what food you should buy, you have to consider many factors such as age, unique needs, and current weight. And, you shouldn’t think about buying wet or dry food. A good dog food helps your pet avoid upsets in the digestive system. It can also give him plenty of energy as well as keep his eyes bright and clear. These simple tips here will help you easily choose the best food for your dog.

Determine the age, breed, activity, and reproductive status of your dog

These characteristics are really important when you choose an appropriate dog food. You need to give more calories for puppies as well as lactating mothers per day. And, your pets will need fewer calories. You need to feed your dog with the correct amount of food to prevent him from health issues as a result of obesity. Make sure you choose dog foods that are safe for your dog.

Find out the buzz words on the food package

This factor expresses how much of any one protein is in the food. In fact, dog foods coming with simple names such as “Chicken Dog Food “or “Beef for Dogs” offer 95% protein of the total product. They don’t include the water content. And, some foods with labels like “Salmon Dinner for Dogs” or “Chicken Stew Dinner” contain 25% protein of the total product.

How to read the ingredients

The weight, meat meals, and meats will decide the label lists ingredients because of their high water content. You should consider choosing dog foods with a meat or meat meal as the first ingredient. Also, avoid the food with a grain, tuber, or vegetable as the first ingredient.

Choose the grain-free food for your dog

If your dog has a food allergy, you should take him to your vet. Then, it’s time to switch to a grain-free diet, especially when your dog suffers from a severe allergy. This formula can also help you avoid the higher price tags. You can know whether your pup has a food allergy or intolerance thanks to some signs such as the paws, vomiting, scratching, or diarrhea. Also, you can visit your vet for the answer. The cause of allergy is the main protein of the food, not the grains. So, you should consider the needs of your dog before purchasing into the hype.

Check the nutritional adequacy statement

The nutritional adequacy statement of a dog food is located with the rest of the nutritional information on the package. These statements can say for “all life stages”, “provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance of adult dogs”, or “puppies”. We recommend you to find the AAFCO statement on the back. This factor ensures to give you a food with nutritional value.

Cost and Source

You can buy the dog food online, in a pet store, or at your veterinarian’s office. First, you should check out a few product lines on the website to know the food’s ingredients and the nutritional benefits. You have to choose the foods that fit your dog’s health needs, ages, and activity level. Many pet food companies give you discounts if you follow them on social media.

Don’t forget to monitor your dog’s health and activity level because they may change over time. If your dog needs a change in food, you need to take him to your vet. This helps to choose the best food for your pet. Today, there are a lot of food choices that help you transition your dog to a new food.


When choosing the best food for your dog, you should look for a brand that comes with quality ingredients. They should also balance between the protein, fat, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fiber your pet needs. Choosing a food also depends on your dog’s age, unique state of health, as well as lifestyle. These tips and guidelines are essential things you need to know when shopping for the best foods for your dog. Consider them and choose the best food to keep him happy and healthy. For more information about dog food visit

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