Different treatments for different foot pain


When you say foot pain, it comprises not just foot but ankles and heels as well. The human foot balances the weight of the body and provides the needed support for the body to make movements like walking, running, dancing, etc. But the human foot can serve well only in certain conditions. Bad footwear, high heels, uneven surfaces, etc., are where it suffers wear and tear. This causes foot trauma which leads to pain. This pain when untreated and unheeded leads to serious conditions including arthritis. Thus, if you experience foot pain, be it in ankles, heels or any part of the foot, let your foot rest for a while and if the pain persists, see a doctor immediately for a foot pain treatment.

Today, thanks to medical advancement, there are very effective treatments available for foot pain. Most of the treatments do not even include surgical procedures or medications. But again, the kind of treatment that one would need will depend on the symptoms.

Modern treatment options for foot pain

Gait lab: This is one of best foot pain treatments and involves modern technology.  It gives a peek into the forces used while one is moving and can give a proper diagnosis. It can also suggest the intervention required. It can also offer feedback and inform about progress. This kind of treatment being advanced is very helpful in treating all sorts of foot, ankle and heel pain.

AlterG gravity and ESWT: AlterG Gravity is also a modern treatment method. ESWT or Extracorporea Shockwave Therapy is also proving to be popular and can treat strain in tender-bone areas and can effectively cure many types of foot disorders such as Achilles Tendon, Plantar fasciitis, heel pain and so on.

Treatment for ankle pain: The cause for pain in ankle can be an injury, a sprain or fracture. The treatment will depend on the injury caused. If it is a fracture, then the doctor may advise a cast. But in cases of ankle instability, and in severe conditions, surgery might be the only option. But even after these foot pain treatment procedures, physical therapy may be advised to give more strength and movement to the ankle.

Treatment in case of ankle sprain: Generally, ankle sprain may be mild but there are also severe cases. Mild sprain can be treated at using ice packs and resting.  The doctor will also suggest mobility exercises to treat the sprain. For moderate ankle sprain cases, rehabilitation therapy is usually suggested which can take more than 8 weeks. Severe cases may mean ligament hurt for which long term rehabilitation will be needed.

Plantar fasciitis: When strain occurs on the thick tissue located on the bottom surface of the foot, the condition is known as Plantar fasciitis. Rest and exercises are what are best to treat Plantar fasciitis. In some cases, doctors may suggest orthotics which are shoe inserts to give foot stability. Physical therapy is also advised.

Thus, treatments depend on the kind of injury a person has and also depends on the individual himself. Every case is different as every foot is different and hence doctors suggest a treatment only after proper diagnosis. In any case, mild or severe pain to foot should not be ignored and should be treated as soon as possible.

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