Employer Nomination Scheme Visa


The applicants who had received employer nominations or are not qualified under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream and never worked or worked for short duration in Australia can apply for ens direct entry stream for Australia, that is, of employer nomination scheme subclass 186 under Australian immigration, so to get the visa read down given statements carefully. The given statement will really help you out to get four dream fulfilled.

Basic requirement under direct entry stream should be fulfilled. By fulfilling you will make you application fulfilled for about more than 50 per cent. The requirements are given below:

Applicants can be eligible under Direct Entry stream in case they are up to date with these points.

  1. Applicant has acquired an approved nomination for a job position under direct entry stream permit Australia.
  2. Applicants have NIL or a very little working experience in Australia. If you had already worked in Australia for huge number of period then getting this visa again is next to impossible. Before saying that you are already eligible because you had already worked for Australia for a long period, read all these points carefully. Ignoring any of these can waste your time and can destroy your dream too.
  3. So it can be said that, applicant has a Temporary skilled work visa ( subclass 457 ) holder but it is not a eligible for Temporary Residence Transition stream. So, if you really want to be a part of Australia then you have to fulfill all these points.
  4. Applicant is submitting the visa applicant from outside the Australia. It means, if you are staying in Australia and filling the form again for yourself then it is not possible for you to get it, or if you are filling the application for any other people, the submitting the application cannot be done by Australia citizen. It has to be done by someone who stays out of Australia.

Eligibility criteria:

As an applicant you must fulfill the criteria to get eligible visa. If you get failed in fulfilling any of these criteria, then taking visa is not possible, so before applying for the visa, read down the below criteria carefully.

  • You have to be less than 45 years unless you will be exempt from age criteria. So if you have crossed this age, then it is impossible to get the visa in your hand.
  • You must be having nomination by an Australian employer who is legally operating in Australia.
  • Must apply for the visa within 6 months, not more than that if you want to get in the nomination.
  • You must have required skills and qualification for the position.
  • And if you are being exempt for your English, then you should carry the evidence of English Language proficiency.
  • Requirements of the Health and Character.

And be sure you have filled all the criteria in which you have applied because failing in any of these criteria can make a obstacle between you and your dream.

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