Producer Bob Simonds is looking to create mature movie content with his studio STX Entertainment


Filmmaking trends are always going through major changes and they often determine the type of movies that can bring in the maximum profits. For instance, there was a time in Hollywood when western flicks were quite common and actors like Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson made their careers out of them. The 90s saw a bevy of erotic thriller movies such as Basic Instinct that had a wide appeal among a broad range of viewers. Similarly, there has been a massive popularity of superhero movies in the recent times such as those that are made for Marvel Cinematic Universe. These movies often feature a production budget exceeding the $200 million mark and bring back a substantial financial profit from all parts of the world. The profits not only come from the movies themselves but also from the diverse merchandise and theme parks that originate from such series.

However, the popularity of these movies has in many cases led to a vacuum of movies in the industry that are driven by more mature content. Bob Simonds, a leading movie producer in Hollywood who has created numerous successful movies since early 90s, strongly feels that movies that feature strong mature content are ought to make a comeback. He strongly believes that even though the superhero movies make a lot of money, they do create a shortage of films that include imaginative and gripping stories. He also considers that most of the superhero movies are somewhat similar in their pattern.

With his new studio and production house STX Entertainment, he intends to come up with movies that can appeal to a more mature audience. Bob Simonds is going to produce mid budget movies that is going to feature great stories and will be acted by some of the best actors and actresses in the industry. These movies can not only appeal to the audience here in the USA but also in other parts of the world. Bob Simonds strongly states that even though such movies were once the staple for most of the production houses and studios in Hollywood, over the years they have been replaced by the current trend of superhero movies. It is not that the movies with mature content are not able to derive good profit margins. However, they have now been replaced by movies that can spawn multiple sequels and great merchandise products.

Bob Simonds is currently looking to change such trends and come up with movies that are well written and finely executed. Over the last few years, STX Entertainment has already undertaken multiple projects that have helped them to enhance the production quality of the movies made nowadays. Many of the directors, producers and actors who have already worked with STX Entertainment have reported a strong sense of satisfaction and have expressed eagerness to work with them once again. It now all rests on STX Entertainment to come up with a few major hits that is going to solidify their position as a major studio in this film industry.

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