Factors Affecting The Federal Skilled Trades Program Canada


The federal skilled trades program Canada offers immigrants who are qualified in a specific skilled trade an opportunity to become a permanent resident of Canada in order to ensure that the country gets skilled work force. The Canadian federal skilled program now works through the Canadian express entry selection system. There are a variety of factors that are needed for fulfilling the eligibility for the federal skilled trades program on which the applicants are assessed.


  • Work experience– The applicants must have atleast 24 months of experience in a particular trade for atleast five years before to the application is submitted. The 24 months of experience can include 30 + hours per week or longer duration of part time work but it should total to 3,120 hours over a period of two years.
  • Language proficiency– Applicants who wish to stay in Canada through the federal skilled worker program should atleast know English or French. They need to demonstrate this which they can do through the ILETS test which is the international English language testing system or through the Canadian English language proficiency index program (CELPIP) for English the TEF which is the Test d’evaluation for French. The applicant needs to score minimum marks for the Canadian language benchmark points.
  • Permanent job offer or a skilled trade qualification– If in case an applicant has already has a permanent job offer then they have to give a proof of the full time job offered. If the applicant is qualified and hold a certificate in that skilled trade then they do not need a job offer.
  • Fulfil job requirements– The applicant must be able to fulfil the job requirements of the employment opportunities that is being offered to them in the federal skilled trades program. In case one is unable to meet the requirements then that person would be unable to work through the program.
  • Work outside Quebec– Quebec has its own skilled immigration program that is why immigrants who are qualified and wish to work and settle in Quebec are not allowed to go through the federal skilled trades program and should apply to the authorities in Quebec.

Those interested in this program should go through the requirements for federal skilled worker in Canada for getting a better idea about the application and the documents that need to be submitted at the time. The employment opportunities in the federal skilled trades program are found in the following sectors.

  • Industrial
  • Processing
  • Cooks and chefs
  • Transport
  • Agriculture and production
  • Maintenance and equipment operations
  • Electrical and construction
  • Bakers and butchers
  • Manufacturing

One can apply for the federal skilled trades program through the Canada express entry system; this program allows the skilled traders to live and work in a country like Canada which is considered to best and is also known to be the most immigration friendly nation. So those who are keen on working in Canada should apply now.

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