How to deal with unwanted pregnancy food cravings?


Do the food cravings nearly take away a chunk of your nutrition needs? Yes unhealthy pregnancy cravings are something that you cannot keep a woman away from during pregnancy. Yes it is common when you would need to venture out in the middle of the night to get that desired item for your wife?

Pregnant woman with abundance of vegetables and fruits in kitchen

Till today no one is sure why women have food cravings during pregnancy. It could be termed as pregnancy cravings or food aversions. It could be termed as proactive, even though there is no scientific evidence to prove this claim. For example you would like to keep away from drinks during pregnancy and this is beneficial for the development or nourishment of the baby. It could also be possible that a woman may like potato chips in salt so this tends to make up the sodium intake. It has to be understood that healthy alternatives for unhealthy foods are a constant choice.

Some women are known to possess cravings towards a particular type of food. It could be banana or oatmeal. If you desire for too much fat or sugar it is suggested that you do engage on an occasionalbasis. The main reason in this regard is that the baby should get all the nutrients that they need. Let us now understand the various ways by which you can control your food cravings without being deprived in any manner.

Breakfast the first thing in the morning

If you start your day well in the morning, you are going to be less susceptible to mid noon food cravings. An egg, a fruit with a glass of milk would be an ideal morning combination in terms of breakfast.


If you exercise daily it is an ideal way to keep the unwanted cravings under control. During pregnancy if you walk regularly it could be termed as a great way to keep yourself fit during pregnancy as well.

Restrict yourself from the snack attack

 Keep some healthy snacks ready and when you are hungry keep them ready. If you are feeling hungry and thinking what to eat then these healthy snacks could be a worthy choice.

Seek emotional support

It is pregnancy time and the hormones tend to take over you. At this point of time it is quite obvious that you are bound to face mood swings. The chances are that you could be turning towards a food, whereas at the same time it would be better if you are chatting with a friend.

Think on the lines of small food

You should train your mind in such a way that small is better. Instead of a full bowl of ice cream opt for a single serving. This could be a small chocolate bar instead of the full one.

To conclude make it a point that you always follow health cravings . Explore different ways and find out the nutrients which both the mother along with the baby needs as well.a

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