Feel like Royalty and Give Your Body the Rest that it needs


What could be a better way to relax than ending the day by indulging yourself in a nice warm bath? You can enjoy a shower or give yourself a sophisticated spa-like treatment by having a long soak in your own bath. But what if you do not have a bathroom that has a built-in bath?

The good news is that freestanding baths, which were quite popular during the Victorian era, are gaining popularity again because of their functionality and practicality. These stand-alone baths can be a stunning addition to your bathroom that will make you feel like you are in a spa or hotel every single day, giving you a deluxe bath experience that you well deserve.

Factors to consider when deciding on the material and size of the freestanding bath that you will have in your home include the size of your bathroom, your personal taste and budget. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of materials commonly used in manufacturing stand-alone baths.

  1. Fibreglass. This is an inexpensive option for people who want to have a freestanding bath. This is lightweight and easy to install, but prone to cracking, susceptible to fading, and can easily be scratched.
  2. Cast Iron. This type of material is long wearing but extremely heavy. This can also retain heat better than other types and will not easily fade or chip.
  3. Wood and Stone. These conventional types of freestanding baths can be a stylish choice that is ideal for those people who can afford spending extra for such luxury. These are heavy and should be maintained properly and regularly to preserve their style and beauty.
  4. Acrylic. This comes in a wide array of colours, sizes, styles and shapes. Although this material can easily fade over time and can easily become cracked, it is suitable for people who are looking for a budget-friendly option.
  5. Solid Surface Material. This is a man-made material composed of acrylic, epoxy, polyester, marble dust and bauxite. This retains heat quite well but can be expensive. If you want a modern feel in your bathroom, this can be a great choice.
  6. Copper and Brass. These materials can give your bathroom that royal feeling and style. Heat retention is not a problem, and the material will last for years, but these are extremely expensive and high maintenance items.

Choosing the perfect material for your freestanding bath can give you the freedom and luxury that you need. This experience can be a dream come true for many because it can give you the power to reinvigorate your senses and give your body the rest that it needs to make you get up the next morning with exceptional strength and productivity.


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