Side Effects and Dosing Pattern of Stanozolol in Body Building


Stanozolol is a synthetic substance that is chemically and structurally similar to the naturally occurring testosterone in the body. The synthetic hormone also known as an anabolic steroid was prior used to treat medical complications like the hereditary angioedema. But later the steroid was withdrawn from the markets and was classified under schedule III controlled substances. Usage or possession of the drug was considered illegal and if found could lead to legal penalties. Irrespective of the stringent guidelines the steroid has found wide spread use in the field of body building. This was mainly due to the fact that the steroid has an exceptional capability of increasing muscle mass and strength. With its increasing prevalence in the field of body building its abuse has also increased. This has led to numerous side effects in people with some of them being irreversible in nature. With one of the most important being Stanozolol negative effects on sperm. Not only this, the steroid has other side effects as well and one should have a complete understanding of them prior to starting the cycle.

There are certain Sid effects that are said to subside with time. The steroid is potent to cause mood swings and one is likely to feel anxious, paranoid and also his judgment could be impaired. When alone these could lead one to fall in dangerous risks. Some times when the steroid is stopped suddenly these mood swings could aggravate and the risk of going into depression looms. Another commonly occurring side effect is that it causes skin to produce more oils leading to acne breakout. This becomes worse if the skin is already prone to acne. Stanozolol is known to increase the levels of DHT which eventually leads to the shrinkage of hair follicles and reduced hair growth. The male pattern baldness occurs faster if the person is genetically prone to hair loss as the steroid acts as a trigger. The steroid is known to cause certain serious side effects particularly in men. It disrupts the normal hormone levels in the body leading to gynecomastia. In this condition males experience the development of breast tissues like in females and the condition is known to be permanent. The steroid decreases the production of natural testosterone in the body resulting in testicular atrophy and reduced sperm count. This Stanozolol negative effect on sperm is the potential cause of infertility in many males.

Stanozolol is also known to be quiet toxic to the liver and can cause serious damage to the liver. The signs of a potential damage could be yellowing of the eyes and skin, abdominal pain, nausea and dark urine. Any such symptom should be immediately reported to the doctor as it could lead to liver cancer. Insomnia, sweating and joint pains are the other potential side effects of the steroid. Stanozolol causes equal side effects in women as well. Some of them include irregular periods, body hair growth, deepening of voice and loosing feminine traits. Therefore order to reduce the side effects it’s important that a proper dosing cycle is maintained.

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