Forskolin has wide many uses including weight loss and obesity


Forskolin is widely used in traditional Indian medicine, called Ayurveda. Forskolin is extracted from popular coleus or makandi herb, which grows abundantly in several African and Asian countries, particularly in India, Thailand and Uganda. In European and American countries, the herb is known as Coleus Forskohlii. The biological name of the plant is Plectranthus barbatus (P.Barbetus) and it belongs to mint family of plants. The root and leaves of the plant are mainly used to extract forskolin. The immense benefits of forskolin in various diseases and its fat burning capacity are known to the traditional medical practitioners for centuries. These days, several well-known dietary supplement manufacturers are marketing highly effective and very popular supplements of forskolin with different percentages of the extract.

How does forskolin work?

Forskolin increases the effectiveness and controls the secretion of adenylate cyclase – an enzyme that controls metabolism of lipid in the body and various functions of glycogen. In fact, cAMP is synthesized from Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) with the help of adenylate cyclase. This cAMP is known as second messenger, which is used for intercellular transduction that greatly regulates the following aspects in the cellular activities in the body –

  • It regulates the effects of hormones like adrenaline and glucagon. These hormones can’t reach into a cell without the help of cAMP.
  • It regulates the functions of ion channels like Hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide–gated (HCN) channels.
  • It also binds and regulates the functions of some other cyclic nucleotide-binding proteins such as Epac1 and RAPGEF2.
  • It takes a significant role in the activation of protein kinases.
  • Poor activation of cAMP is found to have a direct link with the growth of some types of cancers.
  • Some studies have found its effectiveness in regulation of functionalities of prefrontal cortex.

Thus, perfect doses of forskolin helps to boost the activities and effectiveness of cAMP, which is turn provides safeguard against multiple disorders and enhances the effectiveness of several organs, including brain and heart.

Benefits of forskolin

Right doses of forskolin help in getting maximum benefits out of this supplement. This product is now available in all famous online and brick and mortar stores, such as the retailer GNC carries a 125 mg product that contains 20% forskolin extract. These branded products contain the following benefits inevitably –

  • It helps to burn body fat and increase lean mass effectively.
  • It is a proven bronchodilator. Hence, on regular use of forskolin asthma patients get great relief.
  • The supplement is also known for its antithrombotic effects. It inhibits aggregation of platelets in the blood, thereby reduces the risk of thrombosis.
  • It reduces the eye pressure that is one of the primary symptoms in glaucoma.
  • It increases the rate of coronary blood flow; therefore, several cardiovascular problems are controlled.
  • It enhances the secretion of gastric and pancreatic enzymes leading to improved digestion and speedy break up of nutrients.

Selecting correct brand

Different retailers of dietary supplements market different types of forskolin products, like GNC carries a 125 mg product which contains 20% forskolin extract. It is also necessary to use 100% herbal supplement of forskolin when it is intended to be used for weight loss and obesity, where in other situations, doctorsgenerally determine the required doses.

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