Get rid of negative influences


One of the services that patients get in rehabilitation when Discoveryhouses are in our homes is that they are not in contact with any type of negative influences that can affect their speedy recovery. Here the patients, both men and women arrive with the faithful hope of being able to take one of the best and unforgettable experiences of all, to be able to share with colleagues their experiences, their fears and difficult situations for which they had to go through the fault of their addictions to drugs, alcohol and other volatile substances.

Today these people have the support and reinforcement to follow the right path, a path that leads to happiness and to get a life full and free of addictions. Our cottages are fully equipped with all the amenities that our renters need for the duration of the treatment and rehabilitation, as well is that they don’t have to worry about, because your only job is to rehabilitate and restore the trust that has been lost because of drugs and alcohol.

Discoveryhouses for men and for women are two different spaces, which receive the same treatment from our professional medical team and the rest of the staff that is here to help you in everything you need. Our patients have all the freedom to go out for a walk by the beautiful coasts of the place, they may even come with your four-legged (PET) in our houses of rehabilitation we allow them to bring their dogs, because we know that the Get in touch with animals, it is also an excellent therapy for people who need to feel useful and take care of their dogs is something that fills the soul and that for the treatment is something exceptional.

So we invite you to contact the customer service staff through emails and phone numbers available right here on the official website and request all the information customized to see how you can arrange a trip and come to spend time away from negative influences and this way you can reinforce what you learned in other rehabilitation centers.

It is worth mentioning that you can also send to the family member who is going through a bad time in his life and in need of a retreat as they offer us in our houses of rehabilitation.

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