Urdu is the language of love. Perhaps no other language compares with Urdu in expressing emotions. Passionate yet profound. Strong yet subtle. Urdu has that rare quality of relaying contrasting tones in a sentence. Which is why it is such an expressive language, perfect for poetry. Beyond poetry too, perhaps each word of Urdu is a poem in itself. After all, words are the basic units of any language. So, how about giving a wedding gift or a wedding anniversary gift to a couple with a frame of an Urdu couplet? This would be an Urdu wedding gift or an Urdu marriage gift, one with an Urdu couplet or poem that encapsulates the essence of love, romance and companionship. Or one which is a favourite of the couple.

A Google search would help to fish out the perfect Urdu couplet for a married couple. There are a plethora of websites that store the poems and couplets of all famous shayars. You can search them according to your keyword.

Or in calligraphy, you can get certain Urdu words written which capture the essence of marriage such as Mohabbat (Love), Ulfat (Affection), Khuloos (Purity/Sincerity), Aitbaar (Trust), Reham-dili (Mercifulness) and Meherbaani (Graciousness). All these ingredients are required on part of both partners to make a marriage work. To make a marriage not just sustain itself, but also to thrive and bloom. To keep the spark alive, perhaps looking at a frame with these words, preferably with the names of the boy and the girl written on them too, would be a great reminder for the husband and the wife as regards to the essence of marriage.

Though Urdu is spoken primarily by Muslims, it’s a language loved by people of all religions especially in the Indian subcontinent. Urdu poetry or Urdu words, which don’t have a particular religious imprint, can be written in calligraphy on canvas or paper and then framed in order to be gifted on the wedding or wedding anniversary of a couple.

A Muslim though can also get the Urdu translation of a verse of the Quran or a narration from the Hadith written in calligraphy and give it as a wedding gift or a wedding anniversary gift either to his or her own spouse, or to a loved one, or to a friend or colleague. When Urdu calligraphy draws from the teachings of Islam, it can be included within the category of Islamic calligraphy art or Islamic gifts.

Indeed, an Urdu marriage gift or an Urdu wedding gift, especially if its personalised with the names of the newlywed or the names of the couple celebrating their anniversary, would make for a lovely, rare present that the recipient would cherish forever and would be very happy to receive it from you. Now, is that not such a great gesture on part of a guest?

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