The top mobile video editing app.


Using the best video editing app means everyone from professionals to children can get involved with film production with a range of various smart devices. If you do not have a lot of fancy kits and you haven’t had any training, this app is an exciting way to make videos look glossy and professional. And it has the bonus of being portable – enabling you to play around with it on the move.

This app is intuitive, more powerful than you’d expect, and a great place to start in your video editing journey.

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Adobe Premiere Rush (cross-platform)

This is the best video editing app for short videos

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS | Multi-track editor: Yes | Export directly to YouTube: Yes | 4K support: Yes



 Casual, not pro software

Let’s be honest: on the first glance Adobe’s professional video editing software, such as Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition, can be a little intimidating. However compelling these tools are, there’s a considerable learning curve, and newbies wanting to try out a quick video for YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram Stories will often be looking for something more comfortable to pick up and play with. Adobe has launched Premiere Rush, which is designed specifically for anyone wanting to process video clips quickly and upload them to a social networking site.

Available on iOS, Android, and desktop for free, the app is set to be  an easy to use app. That’s the moment you open it up obviously, and see a simplified interface having large icons and panels, making it especially great for touch screen usage. And when you actually start using it, typical tasks like adding videos to the timeline through drag-and-drop, or mixing in background music, are easy and fuss-free, involving the minimum number of clicks.

The app offers three audio and four video tracks for editing. As you’d expect, its export options are optimized for every social media platform you’ve heard of, including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo. Alternatively, you can export the video to your laptop, or save it to the cloud so you can access it on all your devices.

This tool is by any means is not as powerful as Premiere Pro, and you cannot make a good or even standard feature film with it. But if you’re putting together relatively straightforward and short online videos, it’s going to have everything you need. And if it doesn’t, its Creative Cloud integration means you can always open your saved Rush project in Premiere Pro and tweak it there instead.

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