Hair Problems with Solutions – Home Remedies


Many people in the world are blessed with healthy and shiny hair but there are also many others who are suffering from hair loss and with some other hair related problems including rough, weak and dull hair.

Hair problems have many causes like hormonal disturbance, usage of drugs, stress and others. But it is not the fact that you can’t regain your hair health.

So, here I am discussing some of the best useful tips to overcome many hair problems.

Hair loss prevention:

Use reddish in your daily diet for about 4 months to prevent hair loss.
Boil mustard oil for about 1 minute. Now take ginger, grind it and extract some of its water and mix it with warm mustard oil. Now gently massage with your fingers to prevent further loss.
Apply goat milk on your head gently and thoroughly to save the remaining hairs.
How to make hair grow back

Take green coriander water and rub it on the affected area to make hair grow. You can also use dry coriander, grind it and apply on your scalp. You will surely find some changes.
Rub reddish water on the scalp to make hair grow back.
Dull and Weak hair:

Extract some amount of lemon juice and do gentle massage with it. After some time wash it. You can also apply some oil on your hair before taking a bath to make them shiny.
Add 1 lemon juice in a glass of water and apply it on your hair to make them shiny.
Add some coconut oil in an egg, mix them and apply on your hair deeply and thoroughly. After 1 hour, wash it with any reliable shampoo to remove dandruff. This practice will also make your hair strong and glossy.
Daily use of milk and eggs will make your hair healthy.
Apply mustard oil daily at night to get stronger hair.
Rough hair:

In order to make your hair soft, apply almond or coconut oil on them before going to take bath.
Use lemon juice with water to make them soft and shiny.
How to save hair from any kind of damage:

Always use your personal hair brush. Don’t ever try to use others in any circumstances.

Always use cold or normal water to wash your hair and in winters use lukewarm water to protect them from becoming fragile.

Always brush your hair to make them straight and disentangle before going to wash.

Before going to take bath, always try to massage your hair with any oil to make them strong.

Dry your hair with towel gently. Change your pillow cover after every 3-4 days for better hair protection.

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