Home Improvement – Roof Repairs


Sometimes you can be dissatisfied with the choice of home after the house relocation. Is that water stain on the ceiling an indication of a leaky roof? If so, take a pair of binoculars and go outside to look and see if there are any cracked, curled, or missing shingles. Some roof leaks may be minor, which can be fixed as a house renovation DIY project, but other situations will require a professional roofer. However, if it is a quick fix, there are things that you can do to repair it. And strive to fix the roof – you can’t always look for moving companies. Constant removals will drain your bank balance like no bored housewife in front of a shopping channel ever would.

If you have an asphalt roof, then this type is the easiest to repair because curled ashphalt shinges can be flattened and secured back into place. Also, remember that shingles of all types for roof repairs, are more flexible in the warmer seasons than when it’s cold. Here are some builder’s tips for your roof repair as part of your DIY home repairs and house renovation project.

Home Improvement - Roof Repairs

A shingle that is curled up enough for water to leak through, simply apply a coat of asphalt roofing cement with a caulk gum to beneath the shingle, then press firmly. Of course, if there are a few shingles that are missing or cracked, then as part of your home repairs, they must be replaced. After you get replacement shingles for your roof repairs, lift the edges of any nearby shingles and remove the nails, then the shingle should slide out easily.

Scrape off old cement glue and remove remaining nails. House renovation builders suggests that you take your new shingles and round off the back corners, preferably with a utility knife. Place your shingles under the shingles above them and align them. Use galvanized roofing nails to fasten the top of the new replacement shingles and secure the nails in each corner. Cover the nail heads with roofing cement and smooth out the overlapping shingle’s edges.

Home builders also suggest that if your roof leak is due to a minor hole, buy a 12 x 12 inch of glavanized sheet metal flashing at your nearest house renovation center or hardware store. Lift up the shingle with the hole and place the new sheet metal underneath the shingle so that the hole in the damaged shingle is covered.

Work hard and make that fix. Otherwise it’s that moving home process all over again and how many times can you afford removals services if you keep going like that? Forget the removal van and seek solutions!

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