Benefits of a Grappling Dummy to an MMA Athlete


A grappling dummy is needed in many fighting sports such as Judo, Jujutsu, BJJ and MMA etc. When talking about MMA fighters, an MMA grappling dummy is one of the most important training objects in the business. These specially designed dummies are available all over the world. This reflects a grappling dummy’s importance for an MMA fighter. However, some beginner fighters are still not properly familiar with the benefits a grappling dummy may provide for a real MMA fight.


MMA fighters need to learn one basic move in an MMA fight; takedowns. These takedowns help fighters to subject their opponents to a heavy and intense blow which helps in gaining time during a real fight. There are no limits to these dummies as an MMA grappling dummy can be put down as many times as a fighter would want. This helps to master your cage takedowns, Thai clinches and even dirty boxing, if you have that up your sleeve.

Kicks and Knees:

One of the major techniques used by almost every MMA fighter is to advance with a knee to. This is a primary and basic attack which helps you to prepare your main attack in the form of a deadly punch or an arm lock. These grappling dummies can help you master your knees without hurting them in the process. You can target your knees and kicks precisely. This will also help to reveal your weak spots while attempting a kick or a knee.

Punches and Elbows:

MMA fighters need a strong set of punches and elbows when they enter the ring. These techniques are important when your strategy is offensive. An MMA grappling dummy can help you practice drills such as a Superman Punch from the guard, elbows from the aspect control position and punches through the guard.

Real Fight Stimulation:

MMA grappling dummies provide a real fight stimulation which helps an MMA fighter to understand the true nature of the sport. Some may misjudge the danger they are in and get hurt in the process. To avoid this, training with an MMA grappling dummy is important.

An MMA grappling dummy can help professional MMA fighters get a real MMA fight experience and master their skills before they enter the cage. MMA is a cold-blooded sport and even professional fighters get injured often due to a wrongly executed move. A grappling dummy will help you in landing every blow on point when you are in a real MMA fight.

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