How does testosterone suspension provide fast muscle mass gain


Testosterone is a hormone which is naturally produced by the testes of the male. It helps in the development of the male body and is also responsible for the proper bone mass and muscle development. Other than that testosterone is the hormone causing the production of the red blood cells, fat distribution pattern, and production of sperm. The level of testosterone is at peak during adulthood, and after 30 years it starts to decline. With the increase in age of a male, the standard of testosterone developed in the body decreases by 1% annually. Testosterone suspension is steroid injection which is available in the pure form of testosterone with H2O suspension, which is more efficient than oral steroids. The suspension has significant androgenic properties. It means that it has unyielding harmonic effects which can get aggressive and severe if it is used in high dosage. This oil-based injections provides mass muscle gain more quickly than oral intake due to these reasons.

Fast activation

Only after one hour of taking the dose the activation of testosterone will start. Unlike the other steroids, the gain of muscle mass is relatively quicker in the case of testosterone suspension. Generally due to testosterone suspension being a potent steroid than any other steroid many body builders use it for bulking up their muscles. You can use this oil based injection according to what you have planned to do. It increases the glycogen stored in tissues of muscle and also enhances the bulking up, hardness, blood flow is improved and the growth of tissue in different muscles. Body builders often stack it with the other steroids for even better results.

Ester free

Testosterone suspensions do not have any ester attached to it unlike the other form of testosterone available. It occurs in a pure form of testosterone. In the case of other constitutes the amount of testosterone needs to be calculated to find out the dosage to be taken, but with this suspension, there is pure testosterone with each gram. In the case of testosterone cypionate for each 100 mg, it has only 69.9 mg of actual testosterone. Hence we get a more potent steroid.

Better results with lower quantity

As it is purely in testosterone form, a smaller portion of it will be equivalent to the ester added testosterone supplement in more amounts. It can be said that with the equal volume of the testosterone suspension as well as the other testosterone supplements, the suspension would yield much better results. And even more improved results with the muscle gain would be found if the other capsule steroid such as Dianabol is stacked with it.

Reduce body fat

Testosterone is what makes men more active and healthy. With a high level of testosterone, the body fat can be quickly dealt. The increased level of testosterone helps to reduce the fat in the body and also sharpen the mind and increase stamina. With the proper steroid used for stacking, it can be very effective.

Side effects

Since it is a pure form the side effects due to it, the anabolic and androgenic effects can be more severe than the less powerful type of testosterone. It increases body size, the hair growth of body and face is increased, and voice deepening is some probable side effects.

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