How to Become an Automotive Journalist


One might think to become an automotive journalist is all about reviewing and writing about latest reviews and thoughts of new arrivals in automotive industries. But being an automotive freelance writer is not just about humdrum writing job but it has distinct advantages such as you will be paid for driving and reviewing some supercars as well as luxury cars just like a billionaires, you will get paid for testing new arrival in this industries and yes you can become first person reviewing and testing for some cars. But to become an automotive journalist is not that easy you think, you may be biting your lips when starting a career as an automotive journalist.

Let me take you on a voyage of becoming an automotive journalist.

It is about Passion

A true automotive journalist understands the smell of burnt runner and high octane fuel. It all about understanding the automotive industries, Automotive engineering, Motorsport, MotoGP and of course NASCAR. To become an automotive journalist or to get automotive writing jobs, having good writing skills is not enough. It is about passion for this fast and luxury machines, driving these ultimate machines and enthralling yourself with great driving pleasure. It is about understanding design and engineering, performance & break horse power, top speed and of course time taken to reach from zero to hundred but not about an insipid monotonous mere automotive writing job.

Qualify yourself to become an automotive journalist

It really does not matter if you have a college degree from any reputed university to become an automotive journalist

in journalism. But having a degree in journalism will definitely help you to corroborate your skills in your resume.

Apply as an automotive content writer to local magazine and newspaper to get some work experience that will help you to enhance your career as an automotive journalist. Skill is everything and the only way to get the experience and continuous work. As what really matter is the combination of your skills and brain. Learning automotive engineering will be an auspicious step to building career as an automotive content writer.

Never hesitate to show your online presence

By freelancing on some famous websites such as Contentmart. Keep yourself tight when opportunity knocks the door. Write online blogs and create your online portfolio, write your reviews and thoughts about the particular car after testing it. Submit your stories online to some famous magazines like Evo, Topgear etc.

Follow the trends

To become an erudite automotive journalist you have to keep yourself up to date with the latest news floating around about automotive industries and new arrival of latest concept cars. Reading some now famous magazine such as Autocar, Motor trend, BBC TopGear will definitely help you to increase your knowledge about automobiles.

Try to visit major Auto expo takes place every year around the globe such as in Frankfurt IAA, Geneva auto expo, Detroit, LA and many other. You will be able to find some well-known journalist and industry experts and have the conversation with them. Besides, than that you will be able to get a close look at every new arrival from different car companies and their distinct features, write and publish your story.

At last but not least, if you can drive and taste every car you can base on performance, design and fuel consumption. Write your review and every aspect of the particular car either on your blog or website. You can always submit your stories to local magazine publisher as well.

Hence, to become an automotive content writer is not all about mere writing but it is all about driving pleasure, a smell of burning tires and of course a loud sound that you will never get enough if you are true automotive enthusiast and journalist.

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