Does Height Matter in Basketball?


Given the agility and dynamism involved in this game, Basketball, unlike most other sport games, demands tall players. Hence, height plays an important role when it comes to basketball. It is important to stay physically fit. Daily workout is the way to stay in shape. Now, what is the advantage of being tall? A tall player can easily access the hoop. Most important, it becomes easier for tall player to hit the target.

Now, not all basketball enthusiasts are blessed with great height. There are indeed many individuals who are not above average. Despite the shortcomings, they want to play basket. They love to read about the games. Moreover, some of them follow each basketball news and watch games on TV and discuss the results of every game with friends. Won’t they ever be able to play serious basketball?

As a matter of fact, basketball requires lots of technique, even more than height. A good basketball player can compensate the physical shortcoming only through mastering the skill. Remember, without good technique, no player can do much or achieve much even with great height and physical features. Hence, it is important to work at right move, hand-eye coordination, swiftness and all. It requires much of practice to run and through the ball in full spirit. It does not mean to you have to be the tallest to be successful in the game.

Do you know the American player Tyrone Muggsy Bogues? He is the smallest player in the history of basketball. Despite being only 5.3 feet, Tyrone became the professional point guard in NBA. After representing five teams during during his fourteen’ season career, Tyrone is an inspiration for   those young sports enthusiasts who are not as tall as other players of the sport. So, don’t worry. Practice hard and master the skill.

Even though height is important in basketball, it is not always the priority. The most important criterion is a good technique. As in any other, basketball too is all about playing and winning. Hence, you can’t ignore the importance of good technique that brings success in the end.

The general notion that short player cannot excel in basketball has been put away by many veteran basketball players. According to them, it’s all about passion and willingness to learn that matter the most. It really does not matter how tall or short you are.

There are many players who are 5’3″ or 5’5″ and despite their average height, they have been successful in this game. So, it’s not about size. It’s about finding a place to go and work out and of course, you coach has a big role to play.

Since, basket is a competitive sport, it requires agility and skill. It’s important for any player to work on skill and develop their positions. A tall player may gain the advantage at the center position, but three years later, his weaknesses and vulnerabilities get exposed. Height no longer helps him anyway. Therefore, his game has to develop in other areas too. So work hard and let your skill set distinguish you from the rest.

William Schoellkopf III is a 35 year athlete from Miami, Florida. He is professional soccer player and put together several interesting articles all together. His recent write-up sums up whether height and size matter in basketball.

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