Human Growth Hormone doses for building muscle


Human growth hormone is naturally synthesized in the human body. Growth hormone is secreted in pituitary gland and sometimes deficiency of the gland causes short stature. But, now day’s people are using growth hormone supplements for body building purposes too!

Body builders often use supplements to maintain their physique and to make their gym work out stress free. Many countries ban human growth hormone supplements by quoting them illegal.

Role of growth hormone on body building

Synthetic human growth hormone supplements are also available online and are safer, legal and more natural alternatives. Currently there are increasing numbers of body builders are opting for human growth hormone supplements for body building. The supplements are required for benefits like replication of cells, effectively encourages muscles and bones and rejuvenation. HGH doses for building muscle should be decided after talking to one’s doctor. Doctors too do not advise these supplements without checking growth hormone levels in the body. That’s why these supplements are provided with prior prescription.

Body builders often opt other hormone supplements which are legal and safe to use with natural muscle growth. Now days, hormone supplement byname releasers or enhancers are slowly gaining popularity. Since these supplements increases the production of natural hormone by boosting pituitary gland. But these supplements do not restore or affect the role of pituitary gland. Using in advised dosages does not causes side effects; over use of these supplements results in adverse reactions.

In the site of body building, human growth hormone is nothing other than anabolic steroid. It only increases muscle and thus increasing performance, muscular endurance and stamina. Human growth hormone supplements provide faster results when used in the form of injections. But, no serious side effects are noted so far.

Human growth hormone supplements are also available in the form of pills and powders along with injections. Pills and powder form of HGH supplements provide effect when used with other drugs and steroids. Combining drugs with HGH supplements may lead to adverse reactions and doctor’s advice is required before taking such supplements.

According to survey done by body builder’s forums, dosages should not exceed beyond 1. 5 mg. it is done accordingly to match the natural growth secretion in body. Side effects may occur with smaller dosage or higher dosage. Higher dosages lead to serious health issues.

Higher levels of human growth hormones lead to certain condition which is termed as acromegaly. Acromegaly is a disorder which induces muscle growth to extreme level, affects facial features, bone growth and end up in expanded intestines. Bloating is common side effect caused along with these hormone supplements with enlarged intestines.

How to choose best HGH supplements for body building

  • Choose the right supplement which suits your need and thoroughly check ingredients.
  • Accept the fact that HGH supplements do not provide strength, only increases muscles.
  • Very limited doctors prescribe these hormonal injections to body builders legally.
  • Since they are considered as illegal to use by body builders and athletes and further usage leads to jail.
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