Introducing, Halo’s Accurate Forecasting Software


For a forecasting software, it will involve the ability to run an analysis, share and also collaborate with others, and also get an access to different metrics for you to be able to evaluate and improve any result. Many high-end forecasting software systems would be able to do two or three of these at a time without a problem.

            Halo is the first when it comes to blending an advanced demand forecasting engine by using a supply chain analytics platform. With this, you would be able to connect and prepare different data from your systems, cleanse any data, and also manage your forecasting reports. The forecasting can be easily done using new yet different strategies.

How To Anticipate and Manage Risks

            You should be able to anticipate any needs and also manage your risks virtually. With Halo, you can easily extract any future insights from data sources and create data visualizations and predict any outcomes of the decisions that you are about to make for your business.

  • Instant Data Insights. The forecasting software from Halo has pre-built dashboards of your predictive models. You can use this is a matter of hours for your new projects.
  • Model Integration. With this forecasting software, you would be able to import any existing models from your R and Microsoft SQL analysis service easily.
  • New Value From Old Data. When you overlay the new Halo forecasting software to your current data for drill through and slice in different ways using your old data.

Halo Forecasting Software Uses

            With the new forecasting software from Halo, you will gain many benefits from this new innovation. Here are some of the best uses of Halo Forecasting Software that will be perfect for your business.

  • Visualize the Trends and take Action. With the new software, you would be able to monitor the performance through predictive KPIs. You would also be able to reveal any hidden costs and opportunities available for the business. With this, you can now anticipate the changes in the costs and availability of raw materials, you can also set pricing targets, and also estimate the different impacts of the supply chain.
  • Get Insights Into Your Suppliers. When you have to manage limits, you should be able to have a clear view of your supplier relationships. Remember that your previous trading partners will not give you any guarantee of a better future for your business. You can combine any predictive KPIs for you to be able to gain an advantage when it comes to negotiating based on hard data.
  • Measure Your Capital Investments. This new software will help you measure the possible outcomes of your decisions when it comes to capital investment. With this, you would be able to gain better in every decision made while using external data like the demographics, the tax rates, and even the labor costs.

With Halo, everything is now possible. With the accurate forecasting software, you will have a better chance when it comes to the results of business decisions. Never let this chance of growth and development pass. This might just be the way for your business performance to improve.

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