Listening to internet radio_ various ways explored


We all know that internet radio is all about listening to your favorite channels for music popularly, news, business etc. While we only that it can be used on a computer, there are other ways to listen to it and even bookmark the pages to shortlist the channels you would be visiting frequently. So, here are some ways to listen to internet radio free online.

Ways to listen to internet radio:

  1. Browser: This is the first way to listen to internet radio and is the easiest way too. You can just start with google and search for some top radio stations. With an endless list of stations, you will even get an endless list of music genre that you can choose from.

The same way can be used on mobile browser as well. However, it will be recommended to use a WIFI while you are listening to internet radio free streaming on your mobile as it may consume some data.

  1. Apps: There are some very popular internet radio apps that one can download on their gadget. With no limits of operating system, there are many apps that are available on iOS, Android, Black berry, Mac, Windows etc. All you have to do is, download them from your phone’s play store and get started. While some of the apps may offer a free version, some may offer paid versions after finishing the free version. This will have fewer advertisements and will even allow you to skip the song you don’t want.

Some apps are even compatible to be tuned into your car by connecting your phone through a Bluetooth or through an FM module.

You can choose from the big list of stations, songs, genres on these apps. Some apps even allow you to download the podcast for you to listen while you are travelling.

  1. Wifi internet radio receivers: Gone are the days of traditional radio. But for those who still love to have a traditional radio feel with the latest technology, there are Wifi internet radio receivers that use WIFI to connect to the internet radio free music and allow streaming. This allows you to listen to live radio, podcasts etc without the need of a computer. They even have digital radio tuner which allow you to tune into stations like BBC, Classic FM etc apart from the regular FM. You can even save your favorite stations on it. Setting these up is pretty easy and once done, you can easily use it every day.

These can also have in built iPod that allows you to play 977 music of your choice too.

  1. You can even use VLC media player or windows player to listen to internet radio japan. Open VLC, click on Media, choose open network system, enter the URL and click on play. This way you can even browse other stations, choose for live radio or podcasts also.


With a variety of ways to listen to internet radio free news, music, sports, business, etc., there is no turning back to the traditional ways of listening to radio. Try these various ways to listen to bon prix gutschein.

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