Knee Replacement Surgery For A Better Life


The success rate of knee replacements in India is so high that it can be compared with the best hospitals in the world. However a knee replacement or any kind of injury requires introspection. The success rate depends on how much damage the knee has suffered, the success rates of the doctor himself and how many surgeries he has performed, the hospital staff- their dedication and efficiency, expertise of the team conducting the operation and how well they can keep infection at bay.

Knee surgery culminates at times out of knee pain. A knee pain commonly affects both youngsters and children. Knee pain can happen due to an injury for instance a ruptured ligament  or a badly torn cartilage. Serious conditions like gout, infections and arthritis, can cause pain in the knee. Surgery can become a necessity and the to help with ensuring its longevity, physiotherapy and braces come of great use.

Types of knee replacements:

Total knee replacement- Total knee replacement is a common procedure and it involves operating on the shin and thigh bone.
Partial knee replacement- Unlike total knee replacement surgery this one is done on only one part of the knee that is usually affected by arthritis. Here the cut is smaller in comparison to total knee replacement.
Kneecap replacement- Surgeons usually advise against this procedure because the benefits and the longevity of this surgery is not as well assured as total knee replacement.
Complex (or revision) knee replacement- As the name suggests, this is a difficult procedure and is performed if you’ve had a knee replacement surgery before or your knee is affected by severe arthritis.

What needs to be taken into account by doctors:

Knee replacement surgeries are common procedures and all hospitals in India should have a wing dedicated it. It should be performed on a daily basis so that doctors have a steady hand on it. They should maintain records of their patients so that they can be used as reference in the future. Costs should be all inclusive and additional charges must not be added. This lends a bad name to the hospital. This procedure is very technical so all the implants must be kept close to prevent any loss of blood or time. The cost of the different implants must be made known to the patient and he or she must be given an option to chose which one is preferred incase it’s flexible.

Sometimes after the knee replacement surgery in India, the patient may twist his leg or fall on the operated leg. Special devices must be used to lock the plate in to prevent any casualties from taking place in the future.


Freedom from pain is the biggest benefit that knee replacement surgery offers. A person can see increased mobility and have an much better quality of life. Nothing can bring a person who had been suffering a great deal with the pain in his knees, to running around kicking a football flying right out of a compound. Simple joys of life can be now experienced

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