Make great videos on YouTube without video cameras.


At present, a large part of the population can put a hand in a video camera to record a YouTube video. These cameras can come in many forms, such as conventional documents, cameras, computer cameras, cameras and external web cellular phones, with the ability to generate video images suitable for all web pages.

But what if you do not have any of the above?

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Step 1. Type your sales copy. Remember that you want to know about attracting viewers to your website end at the end of the video that your video has.

If you have to be a very long sales letter, as the video is too long, you will not lose your audience before the end of the video.

Step 2. Keep in mind, with your sales, think of some illustrations that may complement your presentation.

To find your illustrations, the best enter a description of what you are looking for in the Search tab once you see an appropriate example, right-click the image and save it to the folder on your desktop. I recommend that you adjust the new folder for camera.


A quick way to capture the picture is by creating a great program called SnagIt. This powerful software includes image bubbles to image editing, considerable flexibility rendering images in split images, or even create custom image borders.

Now you have a copy of your sale and your photos, and it’s time to start collecting everything.

Step 3. Using Microsoft PowerPoint, Open a New Project I always publish with a copy of the product, which is the first rooting for the Google Mosa logo application, with the URL that you want people to post after the video.

If you are importing your photos from your desktop, then uploading the image to its block is a simple process. For Snagit users, transcribe what you need to do and paste the image. Change the size of the pictures in the required size and insert the text in the desired style and format.

Remember not to give too much writing on the tiles. You want to attract the viewer’s attention to points of interest and do not describe all the details in detail.

When the PowerPoint presentation is complete, save this project as a JPEG file.

Step 4. I recommend using the website to create your YouTube video. When you open this site, you will be invited to create a new association. This is just a matter of uploading a PowerPoint presentation that you just saved as a .jpeg file. It will take a few minutes to complete.

When you download, you will need to edit your comment. Click the edit button. Make sure the slides are in proper order. This is where you can choose:

When you are satisfied with it, click Preview at the bottom to see your assembly. Next, to the preview box, you will see a button titled theme. This section is excellent. Click on the “All” button and review the different features available for use.

Once you’ve chosen a theme, add music that will complete your video.

Remember to change the name of your group in pornography.

Step 5. Now I’ve finished filling out your video, and it’s time to share it with the whole world. Click the Share button Social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are easily accessible for download at your websites.

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