Making a Selection for a Wood Burning Stove


No one can deny the cosiness and warmth of a wood burning stove, especially during the wintertime. Not only are the stoves homey and aesthetic but they can heat up a room without the need of a boiler. As a result, you will be rewarded with a source of heat that is as decorative as it is energy-friendly and functional. Wood stoves come in a variety of designs, each of which can be incorporated in different decors.

Traditional Stoves

Traditional stoves that burn wood are often placed in fireplaces, giving them a rustic appeal. Stoves of this type are normally made of metals such as cast iron or steel.

Contemporary Stoves

 If your home is modern in design, you will love the look of contemporary wood stoves. The stove design is upright, which allows for a larger viewing area. Most of these stoves are freestanding in design.


Wood burning stoves in Colchester also come in insert styles. These stoves are good option for anyone with a regular fireplace opening who does not want to change the fireplace but still enjoys the advantages of a wood burning stove. Inserts are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be added in a chimneybreast at the preferred height.

Stoves That Feature Gravity-Fed Systems

Selections in wood burning stoves are also featured in integral or wrap-around designs. Both of these stoves feature gravity-fed systems. The integral design accommodates homeowners who want to fuel a bigger heating system in their living spaces.

Pellet-Burning Stoves

Pellet stoves are another popular selection. The solar energy in the pellets is released when the pellets are burned. Because the wood pellets are produced locally, any emissions from transport are reduced.

Finally, double-sided wood burners are designed for homes where the chimneybreast is featured in two living spaces. Double-sided models are offered in contemporary styles and traditional designs.

Making a Selection

When selecting a stove, you need to consider where it will be used and how much you can afford. You also want to consider the design. Review the venting requirements for the chimney. Most stoves that burn wood require that the chimney be lined. If your chimney is not a Class 1 system, you need to have lining added to the vent.

Twin-Wall Systems

Twin-wall chimney systems enable a homeowner to enjoy a wood burning stove in various places in the home. You just need to obtain a survey. The systems are prefabricated and can operate on a property’s exterior, if needed. They can also be boxed or run through a home’s interior.

A Straight Fit Installation

A straight fit installation of a stove is designed for anyone who has a Class 1 chimney in place. The fitting requires that a register plate be set and that the stove be installed into the current chimney system.

Whether you are choosing a log-burner or multi-fuel stove, you will enjoy the benefits of a wood burning stove. Check your chimney system today to make sure that it is set up to accept this type of popular winter accessory.


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