Importance of being a Computer Literate

A student in a class on Microsoft Windows 7 at Caminos in San Francisco’s Mission District on Tuesday, June 14, 2011. Caminos teaches free computer classes in Spanish. Their students are predominantly Latina women, where the digital divide is especially severe. Massive plans to close the gap between computer haves and have-nots were announced with great fanfare in 2004, but never got off the ground for political reasons, and now local governments are too broke to take on the responsibility. But where many governments failed, others in the private and nonprofit sectors are stepping forward to connect the unconnected. NOTE: The student declined to be named. NYTCREDIT: Adithya Sambamurthy/The Bay Citizen

Computers have conquered the world today. It has become utmost important to be computer literate as it is required for every walks of life. Computer literacy means to use most of the computer programs with ease. Some companies also conduct computer aptitude test before hiring candidates in their respective companies. People with better computer skills stand a chance of being more successful than people who lack these skills. Here are few benefits of being a computer literate:

Promotion: Chances of getting promoted is high if you have a particular level of computer literacy. For instance, knowledge of Microsoft applications, basic coding, and programs can make you an outstanding candidate when compared to others. People who start with lower level jobs can quickly climb the corporate ladder by acquiring advanced computer skills.

Profitable: It can be said that with use of more common Microsoft programs and specialized programs can be profitable to one’s resume. This helps you make more money as some of advanced computer skills are rare find and companies would not let go off such talent from their company.  Also, with basic computer skills and literacy one can take up part time jobs in teaching school or college kids to earn an extra income

Effective Communication: Being a computer literate also opens up various ways to communicate and chat with co-workers and managers as well. There are so many variety of programs available in the company to communicate about work related topics and issues. For instance, emails, sharepoints, instant messaging, etc., which helps in both formal as well as informal communication within and across teams. Computer knowledge gives a person better ways to communicate with others using multimedia programs such as audio video presentations etc. If your job involves considerable amount of travel then it is very important to use computer in order to communicate with members of the company who are located in different location.

Entrepreneurship: Computer knowledge and skills drives you to whole new level and the world is at your fingertips. With the help of good internet connection and knowledge of computer programs you can gain lot of opportunities to start your own entrepreneurships. It will also boost your self-confidence considerably as well. Technical skills are also very important for being an entrepreneur.

Innovation: Computer skills will force you to generate new ideas for innovation and help streamline processes as well. It helps you try new things, generate better ideas and help you stand ahead in your company when compared to others. It is also necessary to be on top of all new applications, systems, coding programs, etc. and the digital world will be all yours.

To know that you have desired level computer skills you can try to take the computer aptitude tests which are easily available online. These tests are scientifically validated which help you validate your knowledge and skills for working with the computers. It is time bound and hence tests your ability to crack problems quickly which will help succeed in your field faster.

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