Making a Selection for Replacement Taps


Selecting replacement taps can seem rather daunting as you can choose from a wide array of design options. Some taps offer filtered water whilst others require a higher water pressure in order to operate.

Making a Choice

Most taps will work fine using standard water pressure. However, shower mixer taps need more pressure in order to perform. When making a purchasing decision, you definitely need to check the pressure. Ask for assistance from a plumber to ensure that you make the right selection.

One of the popular taps is a mixer tap. This kind of tap combines cold and hot water in the tap’s body. Two handles on each side of the tap control the flow of water, making it easy to prevent burns and regulate the temperature. These types of taps need a relatively high amount of pressure in order to work their best.

A Recommended Tap

Plumbers in Buckinghamshire suggest the use of dual flow taps if you want a mixer-style tap but have unequal pressure between your cold and hot water supplies. This type of tap supplies a single stream of water but keeps the cold and water flows divided inside the tap.

Pillar style taps are made up of a pair of taps, one for cold water and the other for hot. They are usually easy to fit and feature level or cross head handles. If you have an elderly member in your household, select taps that feature shrouded heads of metal or plastic for an easy grip.

Monobloc taps are favoured by minimalists who like the pared-down configuration. One lever is used to control the cold and hot water flow through a mixer tap. However, have your plumber check your water pressure as this type of tap only works if the pressure for each water supply is equalised.

Needless to say, when choosing a tap, it is best to get your plumber’s advice first before having it installed. That way, you can get the tap you want without any surprises or complications.

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