Benefits behind Natural Drinks Such As Juices And Its Uniqueness


Given the present day rocket speed age, people are always on the lookout for quick fix solutions for their time taking ordeals. This tendency percolating into everyday life brought about the concept of deriving the maximum out of nature in a simplified manner. The result is the wide spread popularity of juicing. While the argument still continues that eating a fruit or a whole vegetable in its raw form is much better, there are several benefits of juices. Notwithstanding the high levels of sugars in these juices, they are still the preferred choice amongst many classes of people, both young and old.

Juices sans fiber

Fiber in addition to the basic nutrients offered by fresh fruits and vegetable takes a beating in fruit juices. Juices, once extracted are concoctions of vitamins; minerals and plant based chemicals (phyto nutrients) are thus devoid of fiber.

Benefits of Juices

In contrast to the fiber argument, juices are believed to be better absorbed by the human body in contrast to the consumption of whole fruits and vegetables.

  1. Palatable and appealing to the eye, juices are also believed to combat the risk factors of cancer.
  2. They are the best sources to boost immunity against diseases and common symptoms
  3. Detoxification – the most important function of juices
  4. Aiding digestion, juices are also effective weight loss solutions
  5. Best option when concerned with a fruit or a veggie that cannot be consumed in its normal form
  6. Concocted juices providing multiple benefits

Juicers – the instruments of health and nutrition

Given the increased patronage experienced by nutritive and palatable juices, marketers launched innovative gadgets to aid households to derive the maximum out of their juicing pleasures.

Functional Checklist

The following guide helps to zero in on an efficient juicer, in keeping the specific needs of its user and his lifestyle.

  1. The cost constraint – budget that can be allocated to the new juicer
  2. Ease of use and maintenance
  3. Durability of the accessories and body parts
  4. Decibel levels – noise during juicing

Masticating Juicers – Slow Speed Juicers

Catering to the juicing requirements of fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass, these juicers churn out smoothies, vegetable purees and shakes. Identified as slow speed juicers, these are the chosen option for their high quality juicing capabilities.

Masticating Twin Gear Juicers

One step ahead of masticating juicers, in built with twin cylindrical stainless steel rollers lodged adjacent to each other work towards squeezing the entire pulp out of the fruit or veggie, including wheatgrass.

Innumerable options can be seen on cheap somatropin online to preserve and alleviate nutrition come in many forms. It is hence a wise decision to choose a perfect gadget for lifelong use and pleasure.

Juicers – the ornamental and functional kitchen accessories

A juicer is the best kitchen accessory for a user on diet. Not wanting to consume whole fruits and veggies, juicers with their sophisticated accessories provide the much needed reprieve to dieters by just providing nutrition coupled with ease. The present age modular kitchens sport these compact juicers provided with attractive accessories aimed at performing various other tasks, in addition to extracting juice. Juice containers, maintenance accessories like brushes apart from pulp extractors and storage containers are all the additional features of modern juicers.

Available in manual and automatic modes, modern juicers come with leak proof containers in addition to tough gripped handles.


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