Mobile Transactions When You Need It


These days, mobile eCommerce is growing. As it grows, so does the need to have a mobile transaction system that goes along with it. This is much needed in the eCommerce of today, where people on the go would want to transact their business at a fast pace.

Ipsidy as the mobile transaction system needed for today’s mobile eCommerce. With a mobile payments authorization network built into it, it is a solution which is greatly needed for today’s mobile eCommerce. The system can be used whether in store, online or in-app.

Mobile Network Features

The mobile network payments authorization network by Ipsidy has many features, all of which in themselves are a solution to one’s mobile payments needs. These solutions include digital issuance, mobile wallet, acquiring gateway, mobile POS, web portal, mobile commerce and beacon marketing. Each of these makes it easier for both merchant and customer to do business in the fast rising mobile eCommerce world.

Features such as the mobile wallet gives customers ease of access to their finances, which makes payments and transactions all the more easier. It is also safe and secure, as there is the acquiring gateway with which authorization and payment processing are done. There is also the mobile commerce wherein customer fulfillment is given. And for more exposure, there is also beacon marketing to let people around know more about the business.

Different Uses

With the mobile payments authorization network, there are many ways to use it. It can serve as a mobile top-up and bills payment network. It can also be used for peer-to-peer money transfer. These make it easy to do business while on the go. There’s no need to worry then where to pay, as payment can be done simply through the smartphone.

It also convenient for both customer and seller, as payments can be done anytime and anywhere. There’s no need anymore to go to a bank or the store itself to make the payment. Mobile shopping has never been easier, now that there is the mobile payments authorization network by Ipsidy.

Practical for Today’s Mobile eCommerce

As mobile eCommerce becomes more popular, the system is practical in many ways. Using it then would make mobile eCommerce much easier, and for merchants this opens the opportunity to have more sales. Such a system makes transactions wherever and whenever possible. And all of it done in a safe and secure environment.

At the heart of it all is that: security. Mobile transactions are on the go and can be done anywhere. It is also vulnerable though. More than anything else, what is needed is a safe and secure transaction system where both sellers and buyers feel secure. This is what is provided by Ipsidy’s mobile payments system, something that is secure and reliable.

Sales then can never be more easier, or more secure, than with Ipsidy’s mobile payments system. This assures both parties that transactions go through without any disturbance or problem, and trust is built between the two parties as well. For more about this, go to the site: https://www.ipsidy.scom/authorization

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