Various streams of Visa employer nomination scheme subclass 186


The person who qualifies the worker visa from employer side becomes eligible for getting employer nomination scheme subclass visa 186. In this the foreign employees is allowed to stay in Australia permanently if they are being selected by the Australian employers. For availing this category visa the two step verification is to be passed by both the employer and employee

  • The applicant is supposed to be in or out of the Australia when applying for subclass 186 visa. Two category of visa can be issued in this case : a valid visa or visa A,B or C that can be applied by the applicant
  • The applicant must be approved by the Australian employer and the applicant must be a qualified worker of an overseas


Subclass 186 visa involves the three streams that are:

Temporary residence transition stream

This is for those entire applicant who has 457 visa and been working under Australian employer for more than two years of time period. The basic compliance in visa type is that the applicant is required to be in the same occupation for a constant position. Employer holds the right to nominate its worker for after completion of the set tenure for this visa.

Direct stream visa

Applicant under Australia direct entry stream should not hold the 457 visa and have not worked under the nominating Australian employer for two years. But they need to be formally skilled in their occupation and must have completed the tree years in their occupation under CSOL.

Agreement stream

This category of visa can only be sponsored by the authorized employers who can nominate the foreign worker in Australia. This visa is contract based through the employer side to the applicant for work purpose.

Required conditions for nominating the applicant under subclass 186 visa

Any business in Australia has the right to nominate the qualified worker for subclass 186 visas that allows them to get permanent residency in Australia after fulfilling the mentioned conditions:

  • The business should be operating in the Australia and is legally registered
  • The visa applicant will be paid the salary in accordance with the existing market rate of Australia
  • The position offered to the applicant in the visa should be consistent for minimum two years of time period. He should be enrolled in the office for full time and pursue the same occupation in that business.
  • Employer should genuinely be in need of some skilled employee for filling their vacant position.
  • Any sort of detrimental information is not being carried by the business or anyone related to that business.

Obtaining an employer sponsored visa under subclass 186 is a complex procedure and can take time in absence of proper information is not carried by the applicant. There are many immigration lawyers, who help in the migration process to Australia. In case you are planning to shift Australia for work, they can assist you well.

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