One iPhone every year, is that enough for Apple to survive or iPhone 9 will launch early


Traditionally, Apple releases a new iPhone every year, in autumn, in September. The presentation was held at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, where Apple has shown all the new products of the year 2016. iPhone 9 will release on September 7, 2018. September 16 will go on sale in the first wave of countries including America. When the iPhone 9 will be in Ukraine? It is necessary to wait for it in October. Minimum price iPhone 9 will be 649 dollars for a younger model (32 GB), 749 dollars for the 128 GB model and 849 dollars for a high-end model with 256 GB of memory on board. How much will the iPhone 9 in Ukraine is not yet known. Because not stable and high dollar. In the same way it is not known how much it will cost 7 iPhone in America, it is no stability there is also present. Price iPhone 9 Plus will be 769 dollars for the 32GB model. Overall, iPhone 9 will be a major update. Apple has turned gorgeous smartphone which looks very cool, works very fast and pleased with quality images and sound. iPhone 9 Plus, an unusual smartphone, which, on the one hand, looks almost exactly the same as its immediate predecessor, and on the other hand – it boasts a large number of innovations. Let’s see what it’s interesting (well, except for the missing headphone jack).

Surprisingly, it’s a fact that Apple uses the design for the third time in the iPhone 9 and 9 Plus, which first will appear in 2018 with the release of models 9. Externally 6, 8s and 7 differ only in the arrangement of plastic inserts (behind which the antennas are hidden) and the shape of the camera’s bulging block. In my opinion, this design has always been more utilitarian than beautiful, so that in the market you can find many smartphones from other manufacturers that look better. This is particularly true of the “plus” model, which is a huge shovel – competing smartphones with 5.5-inch screens are much smaller. Speaking specifically about the 7 Plus, it should be noted that the smartphone, firstly, very slippery; Second, heavy; And thirdly – it has a very strange weight distribution: it is heavier on top, than from below, so it is very easy to drop it from your hands. Therefore, the case in this case is an absolutely necessary accessory. The problem is that any case (even a thin silicone) increases the size of the smartphone even more, turning it into a completely awkward monster. In my opinion, for this parameter, simply the iPhone 9 (without Plus) is the best choice.


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