Overcoming the challenges when inspecting your new house


The long inspection of houses is one of the most essential and yet long steps of the buying-new-home process. The following advices and tips are very important if you want to overcome some of the challenges that are about to come. Hiring the perfect real estate agency is often not enough, because your expectation may vary from the company`s data concerning the trends in the real estates. Because of that, you can ask a number of questions to get more info for your potentially new house.

First, check out the architectural look of the entire property. Whether it comes to a small flat as a part of a huge building in the Downtown or a big two-storey family house in the tranquil suburbs – always begin with the visual look of the property from outside. It`s very important as the house will become a part of your live. Check out the architectural style, the colors, the location and design of the balconies, how small or big they look like from a distance, the exposure according to the sun.

Second, ask your real estate agent to tell you more about the connections of the house with the city. This may not require visiting the house as you can use maps, pictures and other visualizations. Note the location of the house itself, the distance from the school of your kids and from your workplace, whether it is located in the central area or not, whether there is a comfortable connection with the city transport system. One, you can easily organize all other complimentary tasks related to the relocation, such as hiring the most appropriate removal company for your belongings, renting a removal van with the perfect size, and much more. Two, you can easily reduce the number of the offers at this early stage of the buying home process. Keep in mind the floor of your potentially new property if you prefer better panoramic views too.

Third, during the inspection with the real estate agent and experts from the building crew – ask everything about the infrastructural systems of the house itself. Check out for water drainage problems if the house is not newly build. This common issue may occur if the house was previously rented a multitude of times. Check out the proper working of the lights system and the electricity. Ask about the routes of the wiring and piping behind the walls so you can easily know where you can drill holes. Check out the proper working of all the sockets and lights. The opening of the windows should be flawless too.

Fourth, if you want to bring a major part of the furnishings in your old house – you probably need to do it with the help of professional movers and a huge removal van, because the furnishings are heavy and giant too. However, this journey may not pay off if your belongings can`t fit through the front door of the new house. That`s why check out the sizes and dimensions of all the doors in the new house. Check out the sizes of the windows, the length of the rooms and the dimensions of the angled areas during the inspection. If you want to buy a fully furnished and equipped house – inspect all the amenities for their condition, every piece of furniture for damages and electrical device for malfunctions.

Fifth, inspect the house for visual imperfections such as molds on the walls, worn floorings, stained chrome parts of the bathroom/kitchen equipment, damaged roof or scratched windows. Another great tip is to bring a list and pencil to sketch all the dimensions and sizes including the other notes that are important to you, as well as list with all the questions for just in case.

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