Prom dresses signify the start of a new life and the end of an old one. A prom dress is something that requires careful consideration and research before it is bought. Through this dress we make a statement, that no matter who or what we may have been during our High-school career, we are not that bound by those restrictions anymore and that we have begun to grow. This growing will not stop until we fully come into our self.

This statement is important! So it goes without saying that, our dress is important as well. It is up to us to make sure that our dress reflects our personality as well as the message we want to portray and because of this we must keep in mind the changing fashion in today’s society.

Fashion changes at the drop of a hat, and trends pick up and drop even faster. So it is important that we keep on top of the latest fashions so that our statement i.e. our prom dress is unique.


  1. TWO PIECE DRESSES: Two piece prom dresses are the most upcoming trend in beautiful prom dresses. They allow the wearer to mix and match, have fun with the clothes. You can choose your own type of blouse and skirt, contrast them with colours and pick various styles, so that they stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  2. BALL GOWNS: If you want a fairy tale feel to your prom night, I suggest you buy a ball gown. These gowns give you the princess like feeling, which transports you into a whole other world. These dresses are the age old dresses which will always be considered timeless.
  3. SHORT KNEE LENGTH DRESSES: These dresses are one of the new age modern dresses which are being worn nowadays. These dresses although short in length give a more mature and sultry look to the wearer. They come in various designs which you can choose at your leisure.
  4. ILLUSION DRESSES: These type of dresses are always something more than they seem. They are cut according to your body type in the simplest of fashions but there is always a certain style or cut which helps them stand out from the norm.
  5. FLAPPER DRESSES: These 20’s era dresses have never truly gone out of fashion, much like the ball gowns, and they probably never will. These dresses have a certain vintage and mystical feel to them which transports the wearer into a whole other realm.
  6. GLITZ AND GLIMMER: Last but not least, it is every girls dream to shine on the best night of your life. Wear a glitzy and glittery dress which is not too flashy that hurts the eyes of the people looking at you but is just classy enough that it helps you stand out. These dresses are now not worn as much as they used to be but they are still considered in a class of their own.


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