Property Training Courses: How they can lead you to success


Property training courses are one of the surest ways to ensure success, after all you wouldn’t become an accountant, solicitor or designer without some form of formal training.

A property training event is the place to start and here we take a look at how these can lead to your success.

An educational foundation

Both property and education start with a good foundation and it fair to say that there is too much information scattered around the internet. Property training courses stop you going around in circles and wasting time, by presenting this information to you in a structured way.

There is plenty to learn if you want to get a complete picture of how to invest in or develop property. The first thing you will need to learn, if you want to be successful, is what to buy, when to buy and understanding the buying criteria for each type of strategy.

The basics includes property sourcing, how to negotiate with estate agents and vendors, how to flip properties, how to create a cash positive portfolio, buy to let, title splitting and HMOs. A good property training event will also venture deeper into more complex topics such as protecting yourself against interest rate rises, marketing, long term completions, lease options and delayed completions.


There are plenty of lessons to be learned and tips & tricks to acquire. A property training course will be delivered by a mentor and embarking on a mentorship with them, may be one of the best things that you could do.

Property mentors can show you how to make money in months not years, help you side step expensive mistakes and even help you raise joint venture finance, when you don’t have cash and can’t get a mortgage.


Financing and development loans can be difficult to understand but it is far easier to do so through a property course. Here you can ask questions about everything from no money down financing to first charge loans and from mezz loans to the costs of buying and selling.

Don’t forget to network at property training events. You will find assurances through talking to people who are venturing out in property investment, as well as through talking with those who have years of experience.

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