Pros and cons of 3d printers


3d printers are currently a demanded technology today. People those who are aware of this technology and their features in creating and designing perspectives are ruling the world especially unemployed.  It is extremely popular in creating and building up 3d objects. Even though there will risks featured for any kind of technology, there are also pros and cons are resided too. Especially purchasing a cheap 3d printer also focused with both plus and minus too.

Let’s know about the different pros and cons of using these printers:


  • With the help of raw material usage, both blueprint and this printer will print any kind of designs even though the design is complicated one. The kind of 3d printing is a major advantage here.
  • The advantage of this 3d printing is its storage facility. Consider a case of with the help of using this technology, items can be printed if necessary and the remaining more number of items will be abolished. So there will be no cost of storage is associated here.
  • The primary costs resided with setting and installing of this 3d printed technology is much cheaper compared to the manufacture and productivity costs resided. In terms of affordability, a cheap 3d printer is quite alright to use.
  • The usage of these printers will abolish the presence of unemployed people when they are aware of this technology and its demand. For designing and establishing 3d printers, there is a huge demand for engineers especially those are efficient at trouble shooting, designing blueprints; maintenance etc. in this way, this technology is providing huge opportunities for the young engineers.
  • There is a technology namely bio printing which are used for manufacturing human body organs and its parts. But this technology is an advanced technology of 3d printing. In fact, this bio printing is not using currently as it is still on experimental base only.

Cons of using these 3d printers:

  • Usage of these printers also affects country economy which is resided with large count of skill less jobs.
  • The drawback of using these printers is its size which is of limited range. Here more number of large items is created using this 3d printer but its size is up to a certain limited range only.
  • These printers will work on a range of hundred various raw materials approximately. This printer also used to create products which ultimately utilizes more number of raw materials that are still undergoes development.
  • The major drawback of using this printing technology is counterfeiting. You can find out counterfeited items also and it is quite common in tracing these items. A person those who have blueprint can be able for counterfeiting items with ease too. Mostly copyright holders consume more time in safeguarding their individual rights along with businesses that generate unique items will also suffer.
  • By using these printers, you can produce different kinds of products namely plastic knives, harmful objects or things, guns etc. in negative motive, these printers mostly helps terrorists or criminals for bringing out a weapon that are undetected. This technology feature of 3D printers will be helpful in avoiding catastrophe as well.


Hence these 3d printers are effective and cost expensive as well. But its popularity is widely acquired in almost everywhere. From the source of above discussed pros and cons of using these printers will be beneficial for developing an awareness of it.

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