Salient Facts To Be Noted In The IVF Procedure


For most young couples who are having problems in conceiving a child of their own are aware that most fertility clinics offer assisted reproductive medical treatments to their patients in the form of In Vitro Fertilization(IVF). In spite of the fact that ninety-five percent of all Assisted Reproductive Technology (ARF) medical treatments comprise of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedures, these infertile couples only starting to consider such fertility treatments as option to achieve their dream of starting a family. However, such couples are still ignorant about In Vitro Fertilization, how such infertility treatments work and the success rate of such infertility treatments.

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Fortunately, the fertility specialists at CHA Medical Group – a prominent fertility clinic in Los Angeles, United States are taking the initiative to educate such couples about how assisted reproductive technology procedures work and chances of them being able to become parents. This renowned fertility clinic has a reputation of providing infertile couples with innovative assisted reproductive technology treatments that can assist them in realizing their dreams of starting a family. This fertility clinic is the first choice among couple who want to turn their dreams of conceiving a child of their own into reality. The success of such assisted reproductive technology treatments set this prominent fertility clinic part from its competitors in the field of assisted reproductive technology treatments.

According the fertility specialists of this prominent fertility clinic, In Vitro Fertilization treatments simply involve uniting a female patient’s egg and her partner’s sperm (fertilization) in a laboratory dish or test tube (In Vitro). The union of the egg and sperm results in an embryo, which the medical practitioners then transfer to the female patient’s uterus where it grows and attaches. The medical practitioners who perform this form of assisted reproductive technology treatments admit that for most infertile couples, it takes at least three attempts for the female patient to become pregnant.

These fertility experts explain that In Vitro Fertilization has the following advantages that make it a popular assisted reproductive technology procedure:

  • In Vitro Fertilization treatments can assist many infertile couples in conceiving children where other fertility treatments like fertility drugs and intrauterine insemination fail to produces the desired results;
  • The In Vitro Fertilization treatments are not restricted to only the biological mother of the child and it is possible to use a surrogate woman as a donor.
  • In the case of In Vitro Fertilization treatment, the medical practitioners conducting the treatment may recommend the use of donated eggs and/or sperms that do not belong to the infertile couple. In such a situation, the medical practitioners fertilize the eggs manually in the fertility clinic and then transfer them into the female patient’s womb. This increases the female patient’s chances of being pregnant.
  • For working couples who are want to focus on their careers in the present moment, In Vitro Fertilization treatments give them a unique opportunity to start a family later in life.
  • The probability of an infertile couple having a healthy child is greater in the case of In Vitro Fertilization treatments.

To find out more about In Vitro Fertilization, do not hesitate to contact the experts at CHA Medical Group today!

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