SEO in WordPress: how to improve the optimization of your content!


Keys to improve your SEO articles in WordPress If anything we have talked about in this blog is positioning. But … how is the relationship between SEO and WordPress, the leading content management system? Although many may be unknown, the fact is that if we know the techniques and have good plugins, we have a very interesting relationship partner.

SEOWhether you have a blog you’ll want to know what are the tools that allow you to better optimize your content is. If we search the net we will find a host of plugins for the various actions you want to achieve or optimize elements: video, images, text …

Among the advantages of the plugins we note that they are created in order to facilitate our daily work. Thus, some like All in One SEO Pack into account patterns that Google takes into account when the SEO, so we save you time and especially get better optimize our work.

We’ve seen some of these issues when we talk about the importance of notions of seo know if we had a blog , but today we will delve into how to do SEO in WordPress. We then see more details in this video:

Considerations on how to optimize content for SEO in WordPress

As we have seen in the video above, is not very difficult to optimize our articles. With the help of WordPress plugings several steps we can achieve position to determine keywords. But to do before we follow a set of guidelines.

Having defined what we want to position, ie, our keyword or keywords you want to appear in the best possible position in the search engines, we optimize each step of the elements of a post:

1. Title. Onset of any post. If you do not make a good title, you get to draw attention are lost. It is important to create attention and generates interest and above all must include the keyword. With respect to its length, it is preferable that no passes 70 characters. Remember that the title of the post does not have to be the same as the title, which can vary from one to another!

2. URL. WordPress Unlike other content managers generates SEF URLs (yes, all of those links with letters and numbers that has nothing to do with what you say), but you can edit that out by default, which is usually the you put title. The goal?? Also include the keyword and get the search engine what you have in mind.

3. Text body Here are several important aspects:

The keyword in the first paragraph. It is important that you include at the beginning of the text and the highlights, either by using bold or italics. So we will make the search engine apart from the rest.
Variety semantics. Although we have a keyword, it is not put in the article 20 times. We must create quality content and think about the user, please search synonyms and variations which also allow similar position help or more long tail keywords.
Headers. Subtitles and header tags in addition to structure the text must also be taken into account for your SEO positioning. Includes key words and they will achieve a more optimized article.
4. Images’s. Most overlooked in terms of optimization. Surely you’ve ever uploaded a photo and have not taken into account the filename. Search engines read everything, so you should optimize for your name to the photo title or alternate title.

5. Meta tags. If you have installed the plugin All in One Seo Pack you can also edit the meta post more easily. As we stated before, the title does not have to be the same as the title of the article, yes here is shorter (less than 60 characters) but also must generate engagement.

Also, you can edit the description (remember: must be less than 160 characters, as Google recommends) and add the main meta tags of your post.

So get your article is positioned between the top of Google. You know if you’re not in the top ten, you do not exist!

WordPress Plugins to improve your SEO

As mentioned above there is a long list of WordPress plugins to better optimize your content and make position them more easily. Some better, some worse … but as you know is a matter of keep trying to see how we work and what not. Yes, it is better to be careful and read us a couple of manuals to prevent rather than enhance, Google penalize us.

Of all the plugins there are two sure you’ve heard: the All in One SEO Pack and WordPress Seo by Yoast. Both have very similar features and allow you to edit many determinants such as the SEO title tags or description of our items.

Let’s not forget social networks! Share our content is key to positioning. From nothing will create a good article and then not have the required diffusion. If we want to improve this aspect, there are also plugins like Shareaholic with which we can embed social buttons that prompted the user to value and share in their networks.

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