The Biggest Psychological Roadblocks To Weight Loss


Losing weight is not just a physical process, it is also psychological. In fact, one can argue that without the correct psychological frame of mind, a person will never lose weight. The self-defeating attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors can crush even the most earnest desire to lose weight.

The self-defeating attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors can crush even the most earnest desire to lose weight.  Visit our website at to find out more about your fitness objectives. Being aware of such negative thoughts is essential if you wish to have a slim, healthy body.

Below, we look at some of the biggest and most common psychological roadblocks to weight loss.

Low Confidence

Lack of confidence can be a big problem when looking to lose weight. Getting rid of all the excess weight will require one to practice diet control and to follow a strict workout regimen. And if you have grown up eating whatever you wanted and have never done a single exercise in your entire life, then the prospect of dieting and working out on a daily basis can look daunting. In fact, it might look too strenuous that you might decide never even to try it. This basically happens because of a lack of confidence in oneself. As such, the first thing you should do is to prepare yourself mentally and build up your confidence so that you are not afraid to try out the new lifestyle.


Another big psychological roadblock that often derails a person’s plans of losing weight is procrastination. Some people may be very interested in losing weight. But instead of starting dieting and exercise today, they decide to start it tomorrow. And when the next day comes, they decide to start on another day. This process of shifting the start of a diet plan or workout schedule to the next day, week, or month keeps continuing. As a result, such people only dream of losing weight but never take any concrete steps to achieve it.

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is linked with a lack of confidence, but it is a much worse psychological condition. While a person who lacks confidence in something might actually have confidence in some other activity, someone who has a low self-esteem almost never has any confidence in anything. They consider themselves to be a failure in front of others, because of which they never try out anything new in their life. Overweight people who have low self-esteem generally believe that they kind of ‘deserve it’ or they are ‘born to be fat’. And because of such self-defeating beliefs, they never try to lose weight.

Too Much Expectation

Having excessive expectations about weight loss can also prevent a person from committing to any program. For example, you may want to lose 50 kilos in a month. This idea may be so strong in your mind that you are unable to consider any diet plan that does not help you achieve this target as worthy of your time. The problem is that there may not be any diet plan in existence that will enable you to shed 50 kilos in just 30 days. As a result, you will keep searching for a diet program that fits your criteria, with the result that you neither find a program nor do you lose weight. This is why it is important you have realistic expectations about weight loss.

Excessive expectations can also affect you even after starting a diet program. Sometimes, people find themselves unable to lose weight after hitting a plateau in the middle of the plan. And this situation can frustrate them to the extent that they stop the diet altogether. You need to realize that you are not going to lose weight every single day of the diet plan. That is impossible. There will be periods when you will lose weight rapidly, and there will be times when you won’t lose weight. As long as you keep such a realistic view about diet plans, you will succeed in finishing them. Otherwise, you will never successfully finish any diet program and will always remain overweight. If you hit a plateau, look for resources that can help you break through it. The website at provides excellent information for anyone experiencing stalling while on the HCG diet.

Obligation To Remain Fat

Some people may feel an ‘obligation’ to remain fat. For example, imagine two people in a committed relationship, both of them overweight. The woman in the relationship might want to lose weight and get slimmer. But she might be afraid that her partner will lose trust in her if she were to become slim and more beautiful since it would attract more men to her. And out of her love for her partner and commitment to the relationship, she might decide to remain overweight. Such situations, where one person feels obligated to remain fat because of being in a relationship is not rare. In fact, there have been cases where people psychologically brainwashed their partners to remain fat. If you are in any such situation, talk to your partner about your decision to lose weight. Otherwise, you will forever be trapped between the desire to lose weight and the commitment to your relationship.


Comparing oneself to another person can also prevent you from losing weight. This typically tends to happen when you join a weight loss program together with other people. After a few weeks, you might find that you have barely lost any weight while others have shed off an impressive amount of weight. And this can be pretty discouraging for many people. You might start to think that you will never lose weight and are destined to always remain fat.  Such thoughts will become stronger with time as you see more people losing weight while you are stuck with being overweight. What you need to realize is that different people will lose weight at different rates. Some people may lose 10 kilos a month. But others may take two or three months to lose 10 kilos.

Just because you are unable to keep up with another person’s rate of weight loss does not mean that you will never lose weight. But if you let it affects you and subsequently stop trying, then you will obviously remain overweight forever.

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