Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Ketamine Clinic in San Francisco


Oftentimes, doctors find out that a certain preparation can treat other medical conditions, which differ from the common indication. This is the true story of ketamine, a special remedy that is applied as anesthesia to lessen pain during operations. It has revealed amazing positive effects in the treatment of depression.

The first studies took place in 2000 and since then, doctors have learned how to apply it safely and effectively. It’s approved by the FDA and many clinics practice this therapy. Many people want to handle their depressive symptoms and seek an appropriate place to get treated. Thus, you can easily find a ketamine clinic San Francisco. As there are several options, it’s important to clarify certain issues to be sure you’ll receive precisely what is required. We’ll highlight 5 things you should obligatorily ask before choosing a ketamine San Francisco clinic.

Licensing and Permissions

The first thing to clarify is the official status of the chosen ketamine infusion center San Francisco. Make sure it has the permissions and licenses that allow conducting this revolutionary therapy. It’s better to choose a center that has already treated several patients who enjoyed improvements in mood.

Pricing and Insurance

The matter of price is another important question when it comes to choosing a ketamine depression San Francisco center. Commonly, the price varies between $300 and $450 per procedure. Most medical providers don’t provide insurance for this kind of treatment. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try when antidepressant remedies cannot help. The positive results are confirmed by multiple clinical studies.

Kind of Administration

Another important thing you should define is the method of administration. There are two possible options. Most patients receive ketamine for depression San Francisco treatment via intravenous injections. It lasts for about forty-five minutes. The second method is to apply a nasal spray. It’s used when injections cannot be tolerated by patients. This method uses esketamine, which is an alternative to ketamine. It has the same effects and is likewise efficient.

Efficacy and Indications

As this method is relatively new, many people wonder concerning its efficacy. We have checked this issue and can assure you that ketamine treatment San Francisco is high efficacious and pretty lasting. Its effects linger for several days and even weeks. Afterward, you should return to the clinic to repeat the procedure.

Many people likewise wonder whether treatment can cure other medical conditions. It’s true that it cures bipolar depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, some forms of phobias, and such-like states.

Safety and Possible Health Problems

Thanks to multiple clinical tests, we can claim that ketamine depression treatment is quite safe. It rarely causes side effects, such as increased blood pressure, violated heartbeat, and a lightness of the head. They are never severe and quickly withdraw. However, there are no results about a lasting treatment with ketamine for depression. Patients with cardiovascular diseases should take it with caution and always consult a specialist in the field.

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