Tips on How to Enhance the Car’s Fuel Efficiency


With the simple vehicle maintenance procedures and attention to the style of driving one can enhance the overall fuel efficiency of the car as much as thirty percent. By improving the fuel efficiency of the car, one can save hundreds of dollars and can help in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and other chemicals. Petroleum Wholesale LP is a renowned full service petroleum company that publishes blogs and articles regarding how to ensure the car’s fuel efficiency, tips for safe driving etc. to raise awareness among the drivers and the travellers. The price of gasoline tends to fluctuate continuously but they nearly always end up higher than they were before. So, regular maintenance, properly inflated tires, and ensuring that the correct type of new or used car for your travel needs can make all the difference in how much money you have to spend on gasoline.

Fill fuel in car

Listed below are some of the tips on how to enhance the car’s fuel efficiency:

  • Do not keep the vehicle idling as this can waste fuel and emits unnecessary greenhouse gases.
  • Do not increase the speed limit abruptly as this can increase the fuel consumption.
  • Always accelerate little by little and effortlessly and then get into high gear as fast as possible to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Get the tire pressure checked once a month as under inflated tires can increase the fuel consumption.
  • Use premium, quality fuels as they are known for providing better fuel efficiency. At Petroleum Wholesale LP, one can look for the branded and wholesale gasoline, diesel products which maintain the strict brand maintenance standards to ensure consistency to the formula. The company ensures that ethanol content, sulfur content, quality, lead content, octane, and vapor pressure of the gasoline meet the required standards and regulations. The branded gasoline that is sold by the company comprises additives which help in enhancing the gas mileage, reducing carbon monoxide and increasing performance.
  • Avoid heavy traffic areas, road construction and hilly terrain by planning trip in advance.

These simple tips can help in increasing the car’s fuel efficiency.

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