Writing Superlative Scholastic Essays on Substance of Law


In college or graduate level studies and in some law, schools you may be required to write essays, addressing the legal subject. Law essays can be tricky because, believe it or not, the law is constantly evolving. To secure a top grade, your law essays writing, must be well-researched and coherently argued. With proper practice, planning, and research, you can write a stellar legal essay, better than any essay writing service.

Researching Specific Law Subjects for Transcribing the Essay

Researchers use primary, secondary and tertiary sources in their compositions; let us have a look at sources in detail.

  1. Primary sources: are firsthand accounts of the subject matter.
  2. Secondary sources: analyze primary sources.
  3. Tertiary sources: provide an overview of primary and secondary sources.

Your institute may require students to use a number of primary or secondary sources and prohibit the use of citing tertiary sources altogether on the essays. Always consult your instructor and clarify which procedure to follow prior to beginning the actual writing, of your essay. Once you have elucidated the all the instructions from your law teacher, you can begin the writing process.


Drafting Essays Pertaining to Current Law and Legislation

Write your thesis statement. The thesis statement is the argument that you are making, this is the crux of your composition. The next thing to do is to create an outline, which also begins with the thesis statement. The outline should also list the service of arguments and counter arguments which will be included in the essay preferably in a bullet format. An essay is more than just an outline with the bullet points removed.

  • State each argument of your essays, as a statement that if true would support the original thesis statement.
  • Provide supporting law and legislative information drawn from primary and secondary sources that support your argument.
  • Provide your own unique analysis, persuading the reader of your final conclusion based on the reasoning and information provided by the arguments.

Before submitting your work, make sure that you have provided complete references to the statements made in your arguments in the bibliography section.

Proofreading Essays in Compliance with the Law Discipline

Once you are finished transcribing the complete work, read the essay, backwards. Start with the last sentence and read it. Then read the one before that and the one before that and so on. This compels you to pay attention to the sentence construction and structure without getting caught up in the flow of the argument. If time persists, share your essays with colleagues within your law class and they might be able to give you an idea of the intellectual impact of your work.

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