Top 5 royal shower curtain ideas


A royal life is not just about the cars or huge mansions. If it’s a truly regal lifestyle, every part of it has to be distinguishing. Similar is the case about shower curtains as well. Just like every other corner of the building, a royal person would love the same appeal in the bathroom as well. On this context, putting the regal touch to the shower curtains is equally important. Given below are top five shower curtain ideas for a royal bathroom.

  1. The ocean print:

Royal is big. Everything that has to be the royal is essential to be huge. And, nothing is as big as the ocean. Ocean has been the best symbol for vastness. Therefore, going with the ocean print on your shower curtains would be a fantastic recommendation. Especially it would look good with the larger bathrooms. And, the bathroom has to be big if you want it to look royal.

  1. Printing the world on your curtain:

A royal mindset wants to conquer the globe. It doesn’t want to remain unaware of anything that has an existence on this earth. Keeping the same in mind, a shower curtains with the print of this earth or the map can something be a nice recommendation. It would thoroughly justify your personality. No need to exaggerate things; you may go for white as the perfect background colour.

  1. A message of love:

There is nothing as royal and grand as the love. A true king is the one who wins the heart. If something similar is your mindset, reflecting the same on your shower curtains would be incredible. Put a nice print of any of your favourite message about love. It would be even better if it is found relevant from the contemporary scenario. The best part, you don’t have to think much about a color combination for this idea. Anything on a light colour background would look fantastic.

  1. Print of a victory symbol:

This can be another nice idea for a royal bathroom. A royal personality is always known for his/her unique way to celebrate the victory. Not necessarily the victory has to be conquering a geographical location; it can be something like a victory over terrorism, victory over the nation’s rival on a particular war, any national victory symbol, or something like that on your shower curtains. A grand print of a prestigious victory symbol would make the bathroom look indeed royal.

  1. The message of peace:

It is considered the duty of a king to spread peace. If you wish to have a royal appeal on your bathroom, the same should thoroughly reflect on your shower curtains as well. You may simply print the world symbol of peace as well on it. This idea would specifically fit the larger bathrooms.

Things can be even enchanting if the lighting arrangement is perfect. The best part, such curtains look good irrespective of your tile colour. You may spread white tiles all over or go for all black or something in combination, but this idea of shower curtains would look perfect with all.


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