Tour Guide: An integral part of the tourism industry


The tourists and travelers cannot explore all the places that they are visiting on their own and often require a person who is specialized in this field. Tour Guide, as the name suggests is a person who offers all information and guidance to the travelers and help them to make the whole trip memorable. It is not easy to become a tour guide. Every person needs to accomplish a specific educational qualification and have the necessary competence to depict the cultural, natural and core heritage of the particular place that they would be representing.

For a fellow traveler it is often very tough to know the importance of the respective place. They may not be knowing the historical or cultural value associated with it when they are visiting any historical or culturally important location. Similarly, they are not aware of the best way to explore a natural habitat and enjoy the ideal feelings while in the nature. The tour guide will be very helpful in these situations. They not only guide the tourists in these places but they also provide all the necessary information about the location. The additional responsibility of all the tour guides is to make all the tourists happy, comfortable and ebullient throughout the tour.

Louis Habash, one of the celebrated travel writers also value the important of tour guides. They are often called the backbone of all travel authorities. Other than providing information and making their tour memorable, they also provide the necessary assistance in case of any issue faced by the travelers.

But all the major places of attraction do not have tour guides who are assist in the whole journey. In these situations, it becomes a little difficult for the people to relish every moment of their holidays. Under these circumstances, people can refer to the writings of Louis Habash who is known to share vivid descriptions of every place that he visits. His travel diaries are no less than a tour guide of every first time visitors. He has the experience of traveling to various places in the country and also around the world. All his traveling experiences got published in various magazines and online platforms. He also maintains his own blog where he posts about all his trips to various places. All the posts complemented with photographs and other necessary information can help every person who is looking to travel to a distant place unknown to them.

Tourism is one of the most evolving industries world wide. In the era of globalization, every country receives thousands of foreign tourists. Hence, many young people who love to explore the different places in their country and world, aspire to become tour guides. It is one of the most gratifying professions around the world. Louis Habash encourages all the budding people who look to join this profession. They can also share their experiences accordingly which will make them competent travel writers. If they are serious with this field, they can read the articles and blogs written by Louis Habash which will not only increase their knowledge but they will also help to increase their passion in this field.

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