Educating the World by Joseph Duzgun and Brighten Technologies


Education is a blessing that makes people knowledgeable. With formal education, primary and secondary education, a child’s brain gets all the needed nurturing and input that would help him in life. A child would be able to get the most of his knowledge and food for his curiosity by asking questions. If his questions get the right answers, then he would be an educated and enlightened soul in a few years. But if he does not get the right answers then he might either stop asking questions or worse, not get any knowledge at all. This is why it is essential that any kind of knowledge that a child can be given, that would help him in his career or in future should be given to him.

Learning in class

Joseph Duzgun and his company Brighten Technologies has come up with several innovative software solutions that cater to helping a child absorb as much of information as he wants. While in primary stages, a child may be able to grasp only knowledge or information that can be learned or understood at that age, he shall need more of information and help in his studies as he goes higher up in grades. Once in senior school, he might not need basic mathematics formula help, but he would need more detailed help in other advanced studies. At this stage, he cannot afford to have eye-wash information alone to help him cross the tide of the standardized tests and other such serious admission tests.

This is when software assistance is needed. A student might not be able to study alone at all times and in higher classes even help from his friends or his parents might fall short. This is when professional and instructional software with model question papers, and even assistance from 24-hour support teacher online would help well.

Joseph Duzgun has in a way, helped a student to come over his fear and ask questions, and gets the right answers. It has been seen that many people fear asking questions because they might be scared of the teacher’s response on being asked to explain twice. But this is not the right attitude and a student might skip a doubtful portion for his assessment in school. But what if he has this question as a vital one in his future? This is the reason, it is recommended that a student should get all the needed help he wants for all his doubts and this is where the innovative and instructive software comes to use.

Joseph Duzgun has always been in the mission to make education appealing and while some students might learn or understand concepts from the base itself, many others might not. This is why it is recommended that he make the software with pictures, and bright audio and video instructions that are easy to follow. Brighten Technologies also makes software solutions for enterprises and even municipalities apart from schools and colleges. So, wherever there is a need for instruction or explanation, the company has made sure the concepts get cleared right away.

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