What is a Competency Test


There are numerous tests available with the recruiter that can help him choose a right candidate that suits the job perfectly. There are many fields where to hire a right person makes a huge difference. To get the desired profile of the candidate and deploy him at right position is very important from the recruiter point of view. It can help the candidate, as well as the organization as the candidate, can perform at his best while the organization can get a right profile for a job that can perform well.

Competence can be defined as the ability of a person who has taken up a certain job and through his knowledge, skill, experience, and analysis incorporates or takes the necessary action and acts as needed. When an organization looks for an employee for a certain position or job they often take a competency test which determines how competent or suitable the candidate is for the job. Like aptitude tests, the competency test can be taken online. The ability to solve complex problems by finding out innovative solutions using the already available resources is one of the basic factors that are tested in a competency test. If you are looking for an employee who poses keen insight, resilience, and skill for a certain specific job, then competency test is your way out.

What is PHP?

To define the PHP competency test, one needs to know what PHP is. It a popular server-side scripting language which is primarily designed for web development but is also anall-purpose programming language. If you are hunting for a coder or a programmer who is aware of PHP and is well conversant with the programming language, then the PHP competency test is the best way to assess the same. The tests last for not more than 10 minutes, and one is asked questions related to the practical application of the coding itself. The candidates applying for the post of a web designer or web developer must know this embedded scripting language which helps to create dynamic and vivid web pages.

What are the advantages of a PHP Competency test?

In the new digital era, the jobs like web designing, graphic designing or web developer are cropping up slowly. More and more people are receiving proper training and qualification to carry out these non- main stream jobs. With a number of candidates applying for these jobs, it gets difficult on the part of the employer to find the best suitable person for his job. The PHP competency test like any other online test is a shortcut to sieve the best qualified and skilled person. By taking a competency test, you can shortlist the most deserving candidates from a lot. Actual coding takes a lot of time and infrastructure where as one can give a PHP competency test right on their personal systems or even cell phones thus making it more time savvy and convenient for both the employer and the candidates applying for the post.

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