What is Healthy to Bake


You must know that the method of cooking and the ingredients used can influence your health. When it comes to the method of cooking, you should consider baking. Baking cooks food through dry heat without exposing it to flames.

Typical baked comfort food includes meat, fish, pastries, bread, and vegetables. In baking, there is little to no added fat. This is the reason why baking is healthier compared to frying.

When it comes to ingredients, it is time to consider healthy baking.  Many people believe that using healthier alternatives in recipes will change the flavor and texture. Healthy baking does not have to look or taste terrible. To give you inspiration, here are some things that you can consider healthy to bake:

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  • Use unsaturated oils: when it comes to oils, you should avoid saturated fats like coconut and butter. Instead, you need to start using unsaturated oils like sunflower or rapeseed. These oils will not only lower your intake of saturated fat but it will also give a moister and lighter texture.
  • Choose wholegrain flour: it is better to choose wholegrain flour instead of white flour. Many do not consider this because wholegrain flour usually gives a denser texture. The wholegrain flour can benefit your kids by increasing fiber content, which means making your cake more filling. On top of that, the wholegrain flour presents this slightly nutty flavor.
  • Think of fruit and vegetables: putting fruits (like apples and berries) and vegetables (like beetroot and carrots) on your cake can add more fiber and sweetness. You should know that fruits are a great way to keep your baking moist.
  • Consider glace icing: traditional cakes use butter icing to finish it off. To make this healthier, you can consider glace icing. While you are at it, you can also consider low-fact cheese topping.

Shortcrust and puff pastry

Another baked comfort food is pastry. When dealing with pastry whether shortcrust or puff, you need to essentially reduce the fat. Keep in mind that most of the shortcrust or puff pastry is fat. The good news is you can do something to lower fat content.

Start by using sunflower spread. This is better compared to butter. When using sunflower spread, do not forget to check the label first for trans fat content. You should also pop top crust on your pies rather than lining the while dish with pastry.


Bread is considered the most popular baked product. When you buy ready-made bread, be sure to check the label. If you bake your own, you can keep an eye to its ingredients. The point here is to lessen the salt. Aside from the salt, you should also consider flours like oat, barley or spelt for more fiber intake. To give interesting flavor, you are free to add some seeds and herbs.

With the right method of cooking and ingredients or alternatives, you will be healthier. Although the texture or taste may slightly differ, you will surely get used to the change and it will be worth it at the end of the day.

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