Where Samsung will go for Galaxy S9 Camera and Battery


The company Samsung is working on a new camera that will be in the range from 18 to 24MP with the aperture value F / 1.4 (by the way, Samsung Galaxy S8 has an F / 1.7), and this new camera can be the part of Galaxy S9.

This improvement may allow penetrating the matrix lighter and a jump in the number of megapixels will provide more detailed images. Most likely, this camera will be used and Galaxy S9. Another hearing indicates dual lens camera. It is too early to tell, but judging by the model P9 Huawei, LG G5 and possibly, iPhone7 Plus, equipped with two cameras, this trend has found its place. The front camera also suffers changes: likely Galaxy S9 will have 8MP camera on the front, compared to 5MP on Galaxy S8.

This front camera can also get autofocus in Galaxy S9 features. With regard to the capacity of the battery Galaxy S9, it is rumored it should reach 4200mAh, with wireless and fast charging. We do not believe that Samsung will put the battery, which occupies a lot of space inside the smartphone, but we hope that the company will continue the good trend of increased battery life, as it is in the S8 model, compared to the version of the S7, which appeared in front of him.

Galaxy S8 battery is 3000mAh and in any case the battery in S9 will be more, or at least more efficient. This is logical, because Samsung enhances your screen resolution, and it requires a lot of energy.

OS and productivity of the Samsung the Galaxy S9:

Snapdragon 840 has not yet been officially released, but it will most likely name for the next major flagship chip for smart phones from Qualcomm. it is likely to be faster, smaller and more efficient than the Snapdragon 820.

In fact, it is suggested that the Galaxy S9 can have a 3.2GHz octa-core processor the Snapdragon, which is, of course, will work quickly.

However, the Samsung also makes its own Exynos chips and Galaxy S8 some regions have received such processors, and others got the Snapdragon 820. The same will probably happen with the Galaxy S9. The increase in power is really handy if Samsung plans to use 4K screen on the Galaxy S9 or VR for high-quality content.

As for RAM, rumors hint at 6GB. But on the S9, perhaps it will be even more, because Samsung has created 8GB RAM chip that is compatible with smartphones, though it is not specifically linked to S9. So let’s wait for the love that Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to bring to us.

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