Why And How Nothing Can Beat The Traditional Form Of Farming?


Modern technology and the internet have opened doors for various fields and changed the way these fields operate now. It is the same for agriculture and farming as well. Farmers have started making use of the new techniques for better crop production as well as increased quantity and that too with minimum efforts being put in. More so, the use of cattle is put in differently for all the different purposes as compared to earlier times. Automated tractors and other farm related vehicles and modern techniques have majorly reduced the use of the cattle while farming and increased the production in less time and much fewer efforts by the farmers.

Along with the automated vehicles being used for farming and tilling the field, the use of pesticides has greatly helped the farmers to save the crops and increase their sales. However, initially when these pesticides came into the market, they created a lot of rumpus as well as disturbances among the people associated with the field of farming. But of late they are a boon to the field of farming which has helped it a lot and taken it to places and will keep on doing so in the near future.

Categories of Farmers depending on the use of pesticides

In fact, with the coming up of the pesticides, the farmers got divided into two categories, namely,

  • One who was in for these pesticides
  • Two who were very much against the same

Let us first talk about the farmers who were in for the pesticides and gave it a huge welcome. They were of the view that these pesticides would definitely and surely help the farmers to not just remove the insects and pests from the crops but will help with the increased quantity too. All this means more of the sales and increased profits with fewer efforts from the side of the farmers.

The other category of farmers who were totally against the pesticides felt they might harm the crops. In turn, would make them poisonous and lethal to consume. From the point of nutrition, such crops should not be consumed as they might harm the body negatively. Their intake for a longer duration would mean ill health and increased sickness to the persons concerned.

Opinion and huge experience of Geoffrey Morell

Geoffrey Morell is a well known naturopathic physician and he was the one who felt the need to deal with the plight of both the category of farmers. With his skilled knowledge and huge years of experience, he came to feel that the traditional form of farming was far better and proved much more advantageous to the farmers in all the ways. Thus he was the one who worked for the cause and helped the farmers understand the difference as well as the advantages of the same.

All this brought the need of organic farming into the picture and the concept got developed. It was well liked by the farmers and helped them produce good quality of crops and that too pest free especially for the growth and development of the younger generation. Due to the following positivity, Geoffrey Morell and his wife spread the concept among the farmers and helped them produce better crops.

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