Why tracking errors can be a spiral of loss of users?


One factor monitoring the web that is often left in the background or is not given the necessary attention. Comes to tracking errors, those errors caused when the seeker has detected that a user has not reached the link I wanted to visit, which can be caused by certain factorstracking error

Web DesignOne of the most serious factors in the tracking error is the error on the server when a server crashed and access to link (and probably the rest of the web) has been completely impossible.

When they are punctual little or nothing can be done falls. However, when it comes to continuous errors must see when are occurring and whether it has established a pattern of solution to the problem, often in conversations with those responsible for hosting or systems.

Still, the continuing loss of users is not motivated exclusively by this type of tracking errors, but rather by 404, pages not found to be present based on two reasons.

The first is the most common, the fact that a page no longer exists or its contents have been turned in a different direction. Keep in mind that any link to that URL that does not exist will generate a 404 error, and if this causes based on a keyword search, the positioning means that this term will decline by not submitting any content when the user clicks on the search engine results.

Thus the recommended action to solve the problem by assigning a 301 redirect is established that the content of that page is now at another web address where you actually must reach our users, so as not to lose positioning based on the terms by appearing.

Another common situation in this regard is that of misspelled inbound links, usually by third party agents. In these cases, many managers argue that being the wrong link can do nothing, however, and lost the opportunity to get potential traffic that instead of reaching a 404 page can lead to useful content and so become repeat visitors you are attracted to our content.

For this we create a redirect to indicate that the misspelled URL derive a correct URL or at least neutral, in which users will have a better experience on our site.

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